Apontamentos sobre a consciência de Zeno #2 “Promessa” Lápis de grafite , caneta de tinta e goma-laca sobre papel, colagem de impressões digitais a. Svevo, Italo. La consciencia de Zeno ( v) [ePUBCat].epub – torrent search and download. em Memórias do subsolo, de Dostoiévski (/), e A consciência de Zeno, de Italo Svevo (/). Nessas obras podem-se acompanhar os dilemas.

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According to Debenedetti, Svevo symbolically describes in his works the uneasiness of the emancipated Jew not completely belonging to European Christian society, and his approach to Judaism is in some way close to the negative attitude of the Jewish-born philosopher Otto Weininger.

Svevo, Italo

Zeno imagines a conscinxia when a person will invent a new, powerful weapon of mass destruction and another will steal it and destroy the world, setting it free of sickness. Views Read Edit View history. From he was a partner in an industrial concern which he managed until his death, carefully separating his business from his literary life.

The problem with his “last cigarette” starts when he is twenty. Svevo’s own rejection of the unremitting flow of life is thus projected onto his hero. However, due to Guido’s obsession with debts and credit as well as with the notion of profit, the company does poorly. He was educated in Germany, and on returning to his native Trieste worked as a bank clerk. This surprises him as his love for her does not diminish. De Angelis, “La reticenza di Aron.

De Angelis, L’ebraismo nella letteratura italiana del Novecento33—42; L. His angry father then stands up and accidentally slaps Zeno in the face before dying. Svevo’s mother was an Italian, his father an Austrian. Svevo, Confessions of Zeno7—25; M. This thesis appeared in the late s in an article by Giacomo Debenedetti, one of the outstanding Italian literary critics of the last century a Jew himselfand since then it has been proposed many times in several different versions.


The original English translation was published under the title Confessions of Zeno. Guido fakes a suicide attempt to gain Ada’s compassion and she asks Zeno to help Guido’s failing company. Ellman, James Joyce Eng. Not a single doctor is able to treat him. Guido and Ada’s marriage begins to crumble as does Ada’s health and beauty. Guido’s gambling on the Bourse becomes very destructive and he finally tries to fake another suicide to gain Ada’s compassion.


October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Zeno’s affection for both Augusta and Carla increases and he has a daughter conscinciia Antonia around the time Giovanni passes away.

A member of a middle-class mercantile family, the hero regards his life as empty of meaning, a succession of failures. The novel was self-published in Maier, appeared in in English, ff. Voghera, Gli anni della psicanalisi45—51 and passim; H. Maier, Profilo della critica su Italo Svevo ; E. Finally, he proposes to Augusta who knows that Zeno first proposed to the other two and she accepts, because she loves him.

However, he takes a fatal amount of veronal and dies.

The novel is presented as a diary written by Zeno who claims that it is full of liespublished by his doctor. He spends his time visiting doctors, looking for a cure to his imagined sickness. The doctor comes and works on the conxcincia, who is brought out of the clutches of death momentarily. Each time, the cigarette fails to truly be the last.

Meanwhile, Ada and Guido marry and Mr. The final entry is written in Marchwhen Zeno — left alone in wartime Trieste — had made much money out of speculation and hoarding, but it did not make zwno feel happy or pleased with life.


Soon thereafter, Zeno misses Guido’s funeral because he himself gambles Guido’s money on the Bourse and recovers three quarters of the losses. He shows this to his father who is hurt by this joke and becomes even more convinced that Zeno must be crazy.

He contracts a fever and his doctor tells him that to heal he must abstain from smoking. Over the next few days, his father is able to get up and regains a bit of his self. Renting a house in the village of LucinicoZeno sets out on a casual morning stroll without his hat and jacket — when the outbreak of the war between Italy and Austro-Hungary turns the area into a war zone and Zeno is separated zno his wife and children by the frontline.

In May — Italy is still neutral, as Zeno wants it to be — Zeno and his family spend a vacation on the green banks of the Isonzo.


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Furbank, Italo Svevo Eng. One of the doctors claims he is suffering from the Oedipus complexbut Zeno does not believe it to be true. Forti, Svevo romanziere ; P. On a fishing trip, he asks Zeno about the differences in effects between sodium veronal and veronal and Zeno answers that sodium veronal is fatal while veronal is not.