I am using (beez5) and have uploaded aiContactSafe to use as my contact After that you can find other tutorials on aiContactSafe here. By default, emails sent from aiContactSafe forms will be delivered to the From In this aiContactSafe tutorial, we will show you how to change the recipient. This link will direct users to a form already setup within aiContactSafe. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create this Contact Us link in your.

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Email mode Select the way the message is sent. Align aicontactasfe Set the way the Send and Back if displayed buttons are aligned. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of Publish Set a profile usable in front end.

I suggest setting this to 1 if you don’t understand what it does. Field used as name Select the field to use as the name of the sender of the email. Click “Reset” to cancel the ordering.

Lemon Web Hosting: Create a Contact Us page in Joomla using aiContactSafe

Custom field date format Date format for the custom fields of the type date. Use the to right toolbar to delete a file. You can set any of the fields in the contact form to any value you need. On top of aicontactsaf table you have some tools that will help you filter the profiles. Copy Duplicate a profile. If the problem appears again you need to repeat 3, 4 and 5 because you have a second extension that creates a javascript problem.


The Status column is telling you if the file was sent and registered into the database OKthe file was attached and registered into the database but the message was not sent yet, the file was not registered into the database or if the file does not exists on the server. Seams more and more developers are implementing different javascript libraries like jquery without any consideration for how Joomla works and the fact that mootools is included and used in it.

All these buttons except “Add new” can be used only after at least one profile is selected from the profile list. If you use aiContactSafeplease post a rating and a review at the Joomla!

aiContactSafe – Algis Info Grup

Here all the messages are exported in a CSV format using this columns: Just make sure all the parameters are separated by a vertical bar. Browsing All Articles 21 Articles. My latest project – http: By default the address of the sender is added here.


If the problem dissapears it is generated by your template and you can look into the suggestion I make below to try to fix it. Have you tutoriao and had problems with it?

Unpublish Set a profile unusable in front end. Are there spelling or grammatical errors? Please don’t ask me to fix this problems. Here is one for jQuery:.

Number of years to go back When you use a custom field of type date, the years are presented in a list. Installation It’s working in Joomla! Skip to Main Content Skip to Navigation.

If i set Menu item to Contact form and want to switch default aicontactssfe there is just one option Default form What im doing wrong?

aiContactSafe – Algis Info Grup

This is where you can manage the profiles of the contact form. Enter the color separated by “;” and make sure they are visible on the background color.

Changing the width of fields in aiContactSafe forms. Use the to right toolbar to view, reply, export or delete a message. Or what to type in redirect on success? Published Activate checked or deactivate this profile.