If the World Wars defined the first half of the twentieth century, the sixties defined Framing the sixties as a period stretching from to , Arthur Marwick. The Sixties has 35 ratings and 2 reviews. Erik said: Having lived the decade Marwick writes about with some consciousness of what was happening, I found. Book Review: The Sixties: Cultural Revolution in Britain, France, Italy, and the United States, CC Article (PDF .. Arthur Marwick. The Sixties.

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Sue rated it it was amazing Nov 14, Thus one extreme gesture, accelerated into the next. A conservative would point out that the gross abuse of drugs began in the sixties fashions in hard drugs have changed, but it was in the sixties that society’s defences were decisively breachedaided by self-serving claptrap about the mind-expanding and enlightening qualities of psychedelic experiences; that hippie communes were often as notable for violent squabbles and lamentable hygiene as for peace and spirituality, reminding us also that after the long student occupation of the Sorbonne, that august centre of learning was found to be in a disgusting condition; that dubious theories about language and knowledge as instruments of bourgeois and patriarchal oppression were propagated, leading to the paralysing miasma of political correctness which has affected the academic world ever since.

THE SIXTIES by Arthur Marwick | Kirkus Reviews

James Stripes rated it really liked it Oct 15, Closely associated with these was an outburst of entrepreneurialism, individualism, doing your own thing. This counter-proposition is inextricably bound up with the arguments and debates which actually took place in the sixties, since most of the activists and protesters at the time themselves believed in it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To say that is not to withold admiration from the activism and the idealism, nor to deny the many positive achievements of the protesters; but it is to recognize that their ultimate objectives were based on a fundamental fallacy.

The Sixties by Arthur Marwick

Havoc, largely involving white students and white police, was wreaked in and ; attacks sixtiez the secret terrorist organization, the Weathermen, continued intowhich was also the year in which white student protesters were shot dead at Kent State University. There was a revival of the anti-art notions of Dada. Hypothetical causes of his failure to write an insightful book range from the charitable assumption that he was trying overhard to be objective to the suspicion that he found much of the period distastef Having lived the decade Marwick writes about with tje consciousness of what was happening, I found this portrayal extraordinarily dull, rather like a great list or aixties written by someone alien to the topic.


A young member of Castro’s government, Che Guevara, gave up his comfortable post to become a leader of the oppressed against their dictatorial rulers in South America, where he eventually met his death.

Important advances in technology: Indeed, it is very doubtful if the periodization privileging the sixties which, I am arguing, makes sense for the Western countries has as much meaning for the Third World, where colonial struggles extended over a much longer period. Sign In Forgot password? Be the first to discover new talent! Having lived sixies decade Marwick writes about with some consciousness of what was happening, I found this portrayal extraordinarily dull, rather like a great list or chronology written by someone alien to the topic.

Beauty Booze and the Built Environment.

The Sixties : Cultural Transformation in Britain, France, Italy and the United States, 1958-74

English historian Marwick Britain in Our Century,etc. While some believed that simply by living the counter-culture they would bring about the collapse of bourgeois society, many others stuck to the traditional Marxist view that for the revolution to occur, there had to be a revolutionary marwicck, in the form of the the working class or proletariat. All of these historians were deeply sympathetic to the liberal reform policies of President J.

He was a left-wing social and cultural historian but critical of Marxism and other approaches to history that he believed stressed sixteis importance of metanarrative over archival research. Email alerts New issue alert.

I mix developments in which there was a high element of willed human agency and developments in which economic, technological, or demographic imperatives were of greatest importance.

There was for the first time the beginnings of a recognition of the realities of human marwikc specifically, that only a small minority of both sexes are truly beautiful and that therefore this minority have a very high commercial value as against the traditional polite fictions and evasions. Given the importance of the civil rights movement in America, it may seem inappropriate to run these three categories together. Here, inI was witnessing one enduring gain from the sixties civil rights movement.

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your tne favourite book. We do not need a history which goes on and on about the wickedness of the bourgeoisie, or which is merely marick to support predetermined theories about language, ideology, narratives, and discourse, as agents of bourgeois hegemony.


Too much of sixties architecture is awful, the low-cost public housing much of it now demolished disgraceful. If I do not use such words in this book, it is not because I am not aware of them, it is because I am only too aware. To ask other readers questions about The Sixtiesplease sign up. It is an inescapable fact of the intellectual world in which we live today that there is, on the one side, the non-metaphysical, source-based, scientific history of the historians and, on the other, the metaphysical history of those committed to left-wing political causes or, alternatively, to the nihilistic philosophy that humanity is helpless in face of the impersonal structures of bourgeois thought and language: Let us listen to a couple of conservatives.

Many of the exciting developments in the sixties, and much of its unique character, are due to the existence of a genuine liberal tolerance and willingness to accommodate to the new subcultures, permitting them to permeate and transform society.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. English historian Marwick Britain in Our Century,etc. Naturally, developments in the sixties were affected by what had gone before in the forties and fifties: I shall also hope to convey the message that this transformation was not due solely to counter-cultural protest and activism, but also to a conjunction of developments, including economic, demographic, and technological ones, and, critically, to the existence in positions of authority of men and women of traditional enlightened and rational outlook who responded flexibly and tolerantly to counter-cultural demands: Open Preview See a Problem?

Slavery after Rome, — A fiendishly difficult task! In discussing certain widespread perceptions of the sixties which will be challenged in this book, I have steadily uncovered my own basic assumptions, and my own basic conclusions, throughout stressing that I believe the period to have been both unique and of special significance with regard to what came after.

I want to demonstrate the point that primary sources are not transparent, that, when one is looking for clear evidence, they have many weaknesses and obscurities, as well as strengths. Julia rated it liked it Jan 16,