Deko / Deko v ReadMe; Deko v ReadMe; Deko User’s How do I find my System ID for my Avid video product?. Real time SD & HD Graphics with 2D, 3D, Clip, Audio Effects adv. effects for live production & News. The Avid Deko system provides a rich set of tools for efficiently defining and delivering compelling broadcast branding, with time-saving features such as.

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Not all features are available on all models. Speed and simplicity with fewer errors; raise efficiency with less operator attention; process one or hundreds of graphics at a time. Avld, May 28 Access remote systems via network pipe using Deko standard Macro language. Avid DS 11 Z, Symphony 6.

If someone wants to use it it’s up to him or her. In a broadcast environment Post Deko for editors is a solid addition to MC’s toolset. Expanded storage and enhanced Clip playback capability dekoo 2 clips video and key playback per output channel in a Dual channel configuration.

Display of persistent on-screen elements including news crawls, clocks, tickers, station IDs, etc. Create stunning video effects like multiple, moving headshots and animating treatments like traveling flares. It is a true 3D title tool with the abiility to animate your titles. This represents key features introduced with Deko version 5.

Easily insert animated branding elements such as logos and station IDs into live graphics and templates. The strength of Post Deko for editors is the ability to work in a collaborative environment. It’s not as fast as Title tool or even sub cap but if you got the time take your changes.

Help and advice is on dekko to choose the right VTR, camera, tripod.


Title Deko Pro with MC 3.x – Avid Community

More powerful and flexible graphics workflows through custom interfaces and remote interaction from any PC location. Fri, May 29 Perfect working conditions with 3 months. If you are looking for a Sony broadcast monitor there are over units available. Adding the plug-in architecture allows for Deko users with Objex to take advantage of the plug-ins originally created for DekoCast.

The training process is fast and ensures a skilled and confident staff. Tools to allow simultaneous work in both 4: Post Deko may not be the right tool for the job. If you are an AE user, you also have access to everything you will ever need.

Show adverts with price. In Liquid it didn’t but the overall functionality was better in Liquid. Headshot graphics will no longer have to be static, which will give your graphics a much more live and organic look. Model Details Overview Real-time HD or SD graphics and advanced effects for live production and newsroom integration Delivering unmatched visual sophistication with the addition of stunning real-time 3D motions; 3D DVE-style transitions; 2D and 3D data-driven charts and graphs; video clips; linked sound effects; and animating true 3D models, Deko is trusted by broadcasters worldwide for its legendary on-air reliability and broadcast-focused workflow.

You will also find broadcast and media finance specialists such as Adamtean, Medialease, Fineline and Azule Finance. Video clips can now be viewed from the Clip Editor interface, allowing clip edits and previews to take place right from the users desktop.

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Simply subscribe to recieve the daily email containing updates and additions to broadcast equipment on the site. I remember in my early days with a computer I bought CD’s with titles like, “10, Fonts” and “The best 25, Fonts”.


Instead of importing individual. Stored animations are not tied to aviid character count, so effects will always play the way you expect, regardless of last minute changes. On-air speed Late-breaking news will always make it to air with Deko Video Brokers Seller’s other items Seller’s Feedback. I have to get my hands more on Marquee and push it.

Undoer doesn’t work the first time unless you reset the program to the factory defaults. Great for live news, sports and elections! Shared resources with other applications including web applications, Avid systems and other editors. As I am a fast learner and I am subtitling some apple trailers for a friend in studio for his show at my spare.

Render-free animations are easy to build and edit, and can be shared across SD and HD Deko models, Avid systems and other editors. Fri, May 29 4: Allows parent motions to control groups of already animating layers. Perfect conditions fully serviced. Pierre and Miquelon St. No avd Motion key frames.

I can’t see any reason to mess with TDK Pro. Fully serviced with 3 months warranty Perfect conditions fully serviced with w. Deko Motions are always real-time and content independent, so effects can be applied in either live, or automated sports and newsroom environments.

Click Here to Contact Us. At a sequence you want to subtitle add TD Pro to a filler above the video and then cut in little pieces as much as you want each title to be. The next time you are purchasing or hiring used video equipment start your search at kitplus.