Home > Product Manual. ROBOTIS e-Manual v Product Manual. Click the icon below to move to the product manual page. First of all, let’s study about the Bioloid’s hardware and software. The terms used here will be mentioned often throughout the manual so it is important that you. Read and completely understand the manual before trying to build a robot. .. Select ‘Start >> All the programs >> Robotis >> Bioloid >> Software >> Behavior.

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When DMS senor detects an object, the robot greets the user.

Download the task code created above. Please contact the service department of the company you purchased from. If you change the channel of the controller, you must also change the channel of RC Normally, motion data has the highest priority and task code has the next manuaal priority.

Therefore, by calculating the adjustment value and using the value in a callback function to adjust the posture at regular intervals, the robot can adjust its posture automatically.

If you do not replace the battery right away, the robot may turn off without warning and fall, which can cause severe damage. There are three ways to open the Program Output Monitor.



There are samples that use these 2 functions to control the robot with a remote controller. Operation Guide – Place an obstacle in the robots path and turn the dinosaur robot bioloiid.

Thus, all users must set their channel to 4 for broadcast communicationAll channels for the devises must pair to communicate.

These sensors may be designed by the user or bought from a store. Custom Motions Create 3.


The final task code is shown below. Connecting poorly designed circuits may damage the controller. We want to play soccer or battle with several robots.

After mounting the IR receiver on CM under control mode, you can set the channels to control it remotely by pressing the Aux button. Operation Guide – It will being crawling once turned on, and will stop when it detects an object then avoid it.

When complete the green LED turns on. Caution Do NOT keep the battery connected with a robot or a charger. In order to apply the joint offset a motion must be executed. Make sure to hold the robot in its basic posture for 1 minute.


Please note that not all products include a zigbee module and may need to be purchased separately. The walking motion files manal in the Walking Machine contain 16 different walking patterns shown below.

Point towards the IR receiver and try again. Check whether the IR receiver has been properly connected. The channel for the zigbee connected to the controller is not changeable. It will release the torque. Custom Motions Task Code 3. Double click an empty line or press EnterIn biolid Select Control window, select the controller to use, then press the OK button.

Press the U or D button and check one motor at a time. Please refer to the Assembly Manual to check whether the gyro sensor has been properly assembled. The standard value is Approximate degrees. Please be mnual to acquire sufficient knowledge about circuits beforehand. When both parameters of the Load command have been set, it should look like below.