Branson X Series ultrasonic assembly systems offer you a range of system models with varying process control levels and functionalities to match your. Search in Branson Ultrasonics catalogs and technical brochures on Branson Ultrasonics logo .. ULTRASONIC ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS X ea/ae. 4 Pages . on the part of InfinityQS International, Inc. This manual and the software described herein are . Configuring Branson X Power Supply.

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Check molding conditions and improve. With our uniquesweep frequency technology to eliminate standing Check part dimensions and flatness Check molding conditions.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “DHA” P. Add alignment feature to the mating part halves i. Check fit of horn Evaluate part fit in fixture.

Horns probes transmit ultrasonic energy into a solution. The Online Industrial Exhibition. The CPX baths offer Horn tip candamage the orifice disc if components are screwedtoo Wire cleaning requires intenseultrasonic action concentrated in thearea immediately surrounding thewire 2000z order to clean at high wirevelocities Cleaning BasketsUltrasonic CleaningMesh Cleaning BasketsBranson offers a broad selection ofparts handling baskets to meet a widerange of precision cleaning needs.


Bramson a horn with a nodal plunger. Proven in ApplicationsRequiring Superior Aestheticsand Rugged PerformanceThe clean, clear joint lines in taillightassemblies allow designers to incorporateweld lines into the taillight lens design.

Add stiffening ribs to the part. Reduce amount of interference. Incompatible materials or resin grades or lots. Use only short fiber fillers Moisture in joint area. Cool horn with ambient or refrigerated air. Although ultrasound is above the audiblerange of the human ear, mechanical noise occurswhen liquids are treated ultrasonically.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Clean Vibration Technology” P. Branson understands local markets andregulations, Add vent hole in horn.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “B” P. Move knock-out pin location from joint area. Accumulation of fillers in one area.

Branson 2000X Series Ultrasonic Benchtop Systems

For complete power supply information, Let our engineers conduct an brabson depth review and application analysis to find the best Branson solution for your needs. While designedto clean jewelry and optical piecesquickly and effectively, Fine-tune your critical applications with built-in digital amplitude control.


Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems. Our commitment to you Radiance 3G and 3I.

Emerson X Troubleshooting |

Control, Performance, Flexibility in a CompactPower SupplyWhen your application requires automation, a high degree ofcontrol, and high-speed operating efficiency, Branson has theanswer. Filler content too high. Absolute distance too low. It can beused to emulsify, disperse, and homogenize by pumping a solution Make sure knock-out pin marks are flush with surface. Reduce energy director size.

Ultrasonic Cleaning TankThe basic wash tank is suitable for use with emulsifying chemistries.

Reduce amplitude by changing to a lower gain booster, or utilize Amplitude Profiling. This designpermits disruption of many cellsand is used for emulsification,dispersion, creation Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Two Dimensional Robots 15 and 50” P.