South Korea’s top spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, said last week that it is difficult to pinpoint the blame for the Cheonan sinking. ABSTRACT. This paper revisits the sinking of a South Korean naval ship called the Cheonan in March , which profoundly undermined the. President Lee Myung-bak told military intelligence confirms sinking of navy corvette by North Korean submarine.

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North Korea nuclear threat. Criticism Over Sinking of Korean Ship”. South Korea has lifted the stern of the 1,tonne Cheonan, a corvette, which went down near a disputed sea area with North Koreaand experts are examining the sining.

Cheonan sinking was orchestrated by intelligence agency led by Kim Yong-chul: defense chief

We will not let these be the basis of any risks the nation faces. Kwaak 5 September On 24 May Lee Myung-bak said the South would “resort to measures of self-defense in case of further military provocation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In no particular cheoonan, the top ten theories and unanswered questions on the sinking of the Cheonan are: Inconsistencies in South Korea’s Cheonan Report”.

South Korea’s Minister vheonan Public Administration and Security, Maeng Hyung-kyu, announced on 20 May that the government was stepping up efforts to prosecute people who spread “groundless rumors” over the internet: During talks between the American and Chinese governments in late MayChinese officials were reported by Yoichi Shimatsua commentator for the Chinese state-run CCTV-9to have claimed that the sinking of Cheonan had been as a result of an American rising minewhich was moored to the seabed and propels itself into a ship detected by sound or magnetics, planted during anti-submarine exercises that were conducted siinking the South Korean and US navies shortly before cheinan sinking.


Isn’t this just far too convenient to be true?

The tail section of the torpedo also contained a marking saying ‘number one’ in a North Korea script — the so-called ‘smoking gun’. South Korea’s defence ministry had no comment on the report. Martinez 11 March Secretary Sued for Spreading Cheonan Rumors”.

Retrieved 23 July Retrieved 25 April It accused Lee of using the incident for political gain ahead of crucial local elections in June.

North Korea: ‘No apology’ for S Korea Cheonan sinking

See 3 above 7. Retrieved 15 April The Washington Post reported on 19 Maythat a team of investigators from Sweden, Australia, Britain, and the United States had concluded that a North Korean torpedo sank the ship.

Considering these previous incidents, Cumings said that the Cheonan sinking was “ripped out of context, the context of a continuing war that has never ended. High ranking North Korean military officials denounced the international investigation and said North Korea does not have the type of submarines that supposedly carried out the winking.

Or did they agree to a US cover-up operation? The cause of the sinking remains in dispute, although overwhelming evidence points to North Korea.

Retrieved 1 December Over 24 military vessels were involved over course of the search-and-rescue effort, [41] including four U.

Retrieved 2 August The military’s focus then shifted towards cheeonan operations, which were predicted to take up to a month to complete. According to Timethe report assessed in detail ten possible alternative scenarios, with extensive discussion and explanation of why those ten were not possible. Archived from the original PDF on 9 March South Korea began propaganda broadcasts into North Korea by radio on 25 May.


On 17 Aprilit was reported that North Korea officially denied having had anything to do with cueonan sinking, responding to what it referred to as “The puppet military warmongers, right-wing conservative politicians and the group of other traitors in South Korea”.

But within a few weeks the officials had all changed their tune. Damage to the hull supported this conclusion, while inconsistent with what would be expected if the cheonn had run aground or had been hit with a missile.

North Korean torpedo sank Cheonan, South Korea military source claims | World news | The Guardian

The recovered sections of chronan torpedo which the inquiry said were dredged from the seabed where the Cheonan sunk chwonan covered in barnacles and looked like it had been under water for months, if not years. Retrieved 30 October Suh 15 July At the time, a spokesman for the South Korean military stated that there was no evidence that North Korea had been involved in the incident.

If the regime of Kim Jong-il did order the sinking of the Cheonan, perhaps to bolster his reputation with a near-starving populace, why hasn’t he been crowing about it in public instead of issuing denials?

Herald Economics in Korean. South Korean navy ship sinks”. Archived from the original on 4 February