Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. [German Version]. Compiled around , this Byzantine chronicle of the world ( Chronicles: I) extends to the year and is an important source for the time of. Project progress: problems which the project leader came across during the edition project of the Chronicon paschale (Textstrata, Codex Unicus errors, previous.

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Sempronius Asellius himself points out this difference in the public appealed to and in the style of composition which distinguished the chroniclers Annales from the historians Historia of Byzantium.

Chronicon paschale

It is an important source of information about the Byzantine Empire of that time, but for earlier periods it concentrates on sacred Jewish history. Therefore the baby was called Caesar, which in Latin means “cut out”. The people and the priests of the temple met him with protests, but Apollonius cowed them with threats and forced his way into the temple.

Simon the brother of Jonathan was high priest for 8 years. Eliasibusthe son of Jacimus, for 40 years. Another Onias was high priest for 24 years. Onias, who was also called Menelaus, the Jewish high priest who had betrayed paschhale country to Antiochus Epiphanes, was killed chronkcon Antiochus Eupator.

Retrieved from ” https: In his time, Alexander of Chronicpnthe founder, founded Alexandria in Egypt and came to Jerusalem, where he prostated himself before the Lord God. The “Chronicon Paschale”, an example of this type of composition, has for its basis a chronological list of events extending from the creation of Adam to the year A.

He was a very cruel ruler. Jannaeus Alexander was king and high priest for 30 years. The chief authorities used were: This page was last edited on pascuale Decemberat So he went to Apolloniusthe governor of Syria, Phoenicia, and Ciliciaand promised to provide money for him.


This Aristobulus, the son of Jonathan Hyrcanuswas chonicon first pashcale assume the royal diadem as well as the title of high priest. Jaddusthe son of Jannaeus, for 20 years. Therefore the nations of today believe that it was by the inspiration of God that the scriptures were translated within 72 days on the island of Pharos. Jannaeusthe son of Jodae, for 32 years. Oniasthe son of Jaddus, for 21 years.

Daniel [2’33] says that part of the statue was of iron, chronickn part was of clay; which signifies the conjunction of the empire of the Romans and the kingdom of the Egyptians, because the Roman empire is iron and the Egyptian kingdom is clay. The “Chronicon Paschale” is a huge compilation.

A copy of PG. Therefore the saints, who expected to see the advent of Christ appearing in the flesh, deservedly found what they desired. Jonathan Maccabaeus was high priest for 17 years. They regarded most events from the point of view of church historywith which the chronological plan of the Bible was made to agree. Jacimusthe son of Jesus, for 30 years. Alcimus the high priest contended against Judas Maccabaeus, but chornicon long he was struck down by a blow from Godand died.

Like many chroniclers, the author of this popular account relates anecdotes, physical descriptions of the chief personages which at times chronickn careful portraitsextraordinary events such as earthquakes and the appearance of chronico, and links Church history with a supposed Biblical chronology. Judascalled Maccabaeus, was leader for 33 years. The inhabitants of Antioch count their era from the 12th day of the month of Artemisius in the first year of Gaius Julius Caesar, which was the year of the consuls Lepidus and Plancus[‘A] and the beginning of the indictions chrknicon counted from the first day of the month of Gorpiaeus.

On the other hand, from tothat is, for the last years of the Emperor Maurice, the reign of Phocas, and the first seventeen years of the reign of Chroniccon, the author is a contemporary historian, and his narrative is in every way quite interesting. Jodae was high priest for 36 years. Thus these productions were intended for the mass of the people, and above all for the countless monks of the Eastern Empire, eager to learn the ordinary and extraordinary occurrences of the world’s history.


Paechale reaching the history of Abraham he follows the “Chronicle” of Eusebius always bearing in mind his ecclesiastical purpose and another authority which probably agreed pasfhale the old Byzantine chronicles of Panodorus or Annanius This Julius Caesar, as dictator or emperor, ruled over everyone in an arrogant and tyrannical fashion for 4 years and 7 months, from 12th May of the first indiction.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Chronicle proper is preceded by an introduction containing reflections on Christian chronology and on the calculation of the Paschal Easter cycle.

The “Chronicon Paschale” is a huge compilation, attempting a chronological list of events from the creation of Adam. For this reason, as I pachale, the disciples of Christ who were learned in the law said [?

The work was probably written during the last ten years of the reign of Heraclius. In his time, Antiochus besieged the Jews and forced them to adopt Greek customs.

Chronicon Paschale – translation

After Herodes, paschsle son Archelaus [was king] for 9 years. Herodes summoned a certain Ananelus from Babylonand appointed him to be high priest of the Jews.

In total, years. Jonathan the son of Simon, called Hyrcanusfor 27 years. Firstly, Caesar Augustus was given the west with Italy; secondly, Antonius was given the east with Asia ; and thirdly, Lepidus was given Africa.