JRC datasheet, JRC pdf, JRC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, New Japan Radio, = NJM / Dual Operational Amplifier. The JRC integrated circuit by Japan Radio Company is a dual high gain JRC Long Tailed Pair Differential Amplifier. . JRC Datasheet. Bookly Micro JRC datasheet, Dual Operational Amplifier (1-page), JRC datasheet, JRC pdf, JRC datasheet pdf, JRC pinouts.

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I may even run some new tests with more chips, to see if I can find something better than my beloved TL If you hear a difference then by all means go with what sounds best to you. By all reports, the current manufacture JRCD’s sound just as good as the ones current with the manufacture of the original tube screamers. And I started probing really deep datawheet the time that Analogman started offering their wares, oddly enough.

In addition, the JRCD was used in tons of Japanese audio equipment at about the same time, so a junky cheap Japanese stereo daasheet clock radio could have several hidden inside it.

JRC4558 myths…

I replaced the two output resistors with carbon film resistors I had laying around, and I just order a couple of new RCP’s for 25 cents a piece. There are other factors like the slew rate that may contribute as well, but to me the input impedance difference is the biggie.


May 24, 5. Dstasheet wish I could say that it sounded noticably better but the TL that I put in the amp did!

By all reports, these sound as good as the original. When you order these, you get parts that are labeled “JRC”. They had nothing in common. The clone had premium caps as well.

JRC4558 Dual Op Amp IC

I attribute the superior tone to the builder of the box. Robbie WMay 24, They were consistently good. But even all of these years later, the mystique around the ‘ still amazes me. On the other hand, I also think we all at least I have personally tried some jr4558 the products on the idea of “if I can afford it, what can it hurt?

I have another clone of the same circuit that I paid significantly less for and it shows. Sorry to kick over any sacred cows but this is just my opinion based on my experience. The old pedal was not superior to the new one in any way, in fact, jrv4558 was inferior in ways.

(Datasheet) JRC pdf – w w w .d e e h s a t a . Dual Operational Amplifier (1-page)

It’s a demonstrable fact that the tone quality of op amps varies significantly. I will go as far to jtc4558 ALL ‘s sound so similar I doubt anyone could hear a difference in a blindfold test.

And is anyone aware that the TS7 has the “correct” chip and output resistor values? Definitely better than some of the garbage op amps that were used in the early TS9 reissues. May 23, 1.


And, of course, this is because they all meet the same specifications. May 23, 3. That’s one o’ them boxes what makes yer amp sound real loud innit? Personally, I think it’s the build of the pedal and the sum of all components. As far as ‘s in general I will say this. I’m just wondering where things currently stand. I datawheet it out and put it in my TS5.

What have y’all overheard at the musician’s watercooler discussions? There are millions of these vintage chips out there in old 70’s electronics junk.

May 24, 7. I sent Analogman my TS-9 several years ago and had him replace the chip and beef up some weak spots with no other mods and it came back as he described: This is where the rec.

Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

There are probably 3 that most guitarists would agree sound ‘bad. It’s a little relieving to know that some of the opamp chip gurus were willing to let this out of the bag. I feel this is the primary reason for the audible differences. May 24,