View and Download Dbx XT instruction manual online. dbx XT Compressor/Limiter Instruction manual. XT Air Compressor pdf manual download. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by DBX. To purchase XT spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an. Classic compressor for recording or stage use. Balanced and unbalanced inputs/ outputs. Excellent cosmetic and working condition.

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Ensure that all terminals are securely tightened and that there are no loose strands of wire. Such sources can be balanced or unbalanced — this is no problem for the 1 60XT. In hard-knee compression mode, the threshold is defined as that point above which the output level no longer changes on a 1: The circuit ground is floating with the respect to the chassis.

If you are using a Stereo phone plug at the next device, tie the Ring and Sleeve together, and connect the sleeve to the wire’s Shield. Use the original packing material if it is available.

That is, when a phone plug is inserted, the detector input is no longer connected in parallel with the audio input. Other instruments, such as horns, vary in loudness depending on the note being played, and benefit similarly.

Be pre- pared to accurately describe the problem. This can be avoided by linking the two compressors in such a way that both channels receive the same amount of compression. The stereo coupling can be disengaged instantly by a front panel pushbutton. Unpack and Inspect the XT package. An unbalanced line is generally a single-conductor shielded cable with the center conductor carrying the signal and the shield at ground potential.

Microphones and bass guitars, like guitars, typically have low-level out- puts. For more specific installation information, refer to Installation Considera- tions, page If you are still unable to solve a problem, contact our Customer Service Department for consultation. Threshold and compression ratios are adjustable over a wide range, so virtually any line level signal can be processed effectively.


Ship prepaid, not collect. However, it will generally be found that large amounts of compression are more audible in a mixed stereo program than they might be on the separate tracks that were mixed to cre- ate the program. With some experimen- tation, the effect can be that of zero attack time at a given frequency.

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Due to the gentle OverEasy characteristic of your XT you will find that even fairly high ratios are handled transparently. By inserting an equalizer in the detector path manuwl the XT, it can be made more sensitive to frequencies in the range handled by the sensitive drivers.

Often, a prob- lem is 160ct simple and can be quickly fixed after telephone consult- ation. Mark the package with the name of the shipper, and with these words in red: The Model X requires a maximum of 1 2 watts AC power.

Contact our Customer Service Department for information regard- ing factory installation of the optional balanced transformer. Program-dependent attack and release times assure natural sound without the need for con- tinuous manual 160xxt.

The wire that is colored blue must be connected to the terminal that is marked with the letter N or colored black; The wire that is colored brown must be connected to the mwnual that is marked with the letter L or colored red.

In all cases, you are responsible for trans- portation charges to the factory, dbx will pay return shipping if the unit is still under warranty. A balanced line is defined as two-conductor shielded cable with the two center conductors carrying the same signal but of opposite polarity with re- spect to ground.

Input signals which fall be- low this level will pass through the 1 dbc unprocessed except for fixed gain changes directed by the output control. Limiting also benefits intelligibility by allowing low-level input signals to be reproduced through the system at higher volume. In Over Easy mode, the threshold of compression is defined as the mnual middle of the Over Easy threshold region, as shown in Dhx Never remove the cover.


There are no user-serviceable parts in- side, and you run the risk of an electric shock. We suggest saving the shipping carton and packing materials for safely transporting the unit in the future.

Power consumption is low. Remember that, as with any amplifier, excessive gain may lead to output clipping of high level signals. Also, do not remove the cover without first disconnecting the unit from the mains supply. By removing the strapping, the detector input can be separated from the signal input for special pro- cessing applications.

Full text of “DBX: X XT Service Manual”

Hard-Knee Compression Curve Figure 3: Multi-way speaker systems If a single compressor is to be used with a multi-way speaker system i. Please fill in the Registration Card, detach it from the Warranty Certifi- cate, and send the card to us today. As a general rule, the compressors should be as close to the amplifiers as possible in the signal chain.

Rear Panel [ 3E? The detectors of Two Model X’s can be coupled so that stereo programs are compressed with stable imaging, by means of a simple patch cable between the two units. If you need to return a product to the factory for service, include a letter describing the problem. This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage inside the enclosure — voltage that may be sufficient to constitute a risk of shock.

Know the serial number of your unit — this is printed on a sticker attached to the rear panel. Mixing Board If you wish to compress a particular track of a multi-track recording or one channel of a live performance mix, the 1 60XT output can be directly con- nected to a line input jack balanced or notor wired to an Insert point.