Hello! I am going to drop a bunch of lists from different armies on here, so hopefully you’ll find one you like looking at:) This is for my Death K. The Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Army List uses the datasheets from the Death. Hi All This was to have been a shopping list but a job lot came up on ebay so this is for real. Any thoughts would be welcome. Brigade HQ.

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The important thing to note here is that it means your Officers can improvise their command structure a lot detah – any Vox can send, and any Vox can receive, as long as the Officer and target squad share regiments.

Any constructive feedback to provide for the list, or just your personal opinion on game outcome? Statistically, your best friend against infantry, but it lacks range and struggles against heavy stuff.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Death Korps of Krieg(8E) – 1d4chan

Only advantage over the boltgun is that it can be fired in close combat. Some units may be better served having versatility though. Carrying half a dozen lascannons and a nice, fat troop bay for 12 models even keeping Grav-Chutes! Vortex Missile 3 CP: The other hard one to channel, but a hell of a lot more powerful. An Imperial Guard army may include one Commissar character per points, or part thereof, in the army.

Wargear [ edit ] Ranged Weapons [ edit ] Laspistol: It’s not an AoE, and it’s Astra Militarum only, but it can be a nice ability if the enemy is debuffing your units’ Leadership, as Commissars will run the risk of executing people simply to fail the morale test anyway.

Share your adventures, characters, klrps, podcasts, and more. Don’t throw units away, but dont be afraid to sacrifice units, if needed. Gone are the days of making everything reroll hits. Use this stratagem when a charge is declared against one of your vehicles. Consider this if facing big squads of MEQ The Commissars do not cost any points.

Updated pt Death Korps of Krieg : WarhammerCompetitive

Being DKoK in the spearhead gives you nothing while Catachans give you re-rolls. First, you need a lot more guys before even getting to their heavy weapon teams. Unfortunately deatb of IA: Besides Orders, the primary benefit of this is that the defensive Psychic Powers see below get to protect more dudes, and that the other buffs you might have again, see below spread to more men.


Other superior choices, provided you can get them in, include an Inquisitor or Guilliman who will both need their own detachment to avoid breaking Doctrine, which isn’t hard for Guilliman since he’s a Lord of War choiceor an Astropath or Primaris Psyker using the Fearless power which the Drath also has. This rule eeath mitigate the punishing effects of morale, which is both fluffy and reduces their dependency on Ld-boosting aura effects.

It should be staying in the back or moving up with your infantry providing them with some light special weapon support and a buff from the regimental banner. I don’t care about running jungle fighters or cadian things. Death Korps of Krieg: If you’re not using this as the portable love slave of your Stormlord or Shadowsword, you’re doing it wrong.

Like Warlord Traits, the regiment-specific ones really are regiment-specific, so custom regiments can only use the Universal list, but once again, this list contains the best options anyway, Kurov’s Aquila and The Laurels of Command.

In addition, companies may be given up to three company upgrades.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Death Korps of Krieg(8E)

That being said, he’s an absolute tank in melee, regularly makes Marines crap themselves in terror, and sticks around a lot longer than other Commissars do. Arguably the most famous aside from the Baneblade itself, the ‘Titan-Killer’ mounts the incredibly powerful Volcano cannon, still capable of one-shotting Land Raiders even in an edition rife with tough vehicles and monsters with an impressive Strength of Was taking in feedback before, and now that I’ve compiled from a few sources, I was looking at running a pt setup like this: Heavy Mortar 30cm 1BP Ind.

Make sure to cast it on a unit that the enemy can’t ignore so they don’t just target something else. I feel that comparing this unit to Engineers is somewhat of a misnomer; this unit is not a combat unit, it is a support unit. Plus the sword is only 4pts, try having some fun. The flat bonus to saves can make certain units stupidly durable; suggestions include Bullgryns, Korpsmen, Crusaders, and anything in the Baneblade family – it affects Invulnerable saves, too!


They are an archaic, conventional army fighting in paranormal unconventional battles which kind of adds to their flavour, giving them a unique playstyle and can lead to awesome results. Psychic Powers [ edit ] Guard Psykers are drawn from the Scholastica Psykanaand thus don’t have a regiment; however they’re the only Psykers with the Detah Militarum keyword, so if you want regiments, doctrines, and all that good jazz without adding another detachment, you’re limited to the Psykana discipline.

Formerly kirps of the cheapest variants though still a list-buster at points before its weaponsthe Stormsword carries the Stormsword Siege Cannon, a massive gun that ignores cover and all but the strongest armor to boot. It’s not that the Exterminator is better or worse compared to the Battle Cannon, it’s just designed for a different purpose. God-Emperor, is it worth it. There are many weapons that are only available on vehicles, and other weapons that are also available to infantry have different tactics when lisr.

Comparing these guys to engineers is a little unfair; they are not designed to kill things, their job should not be charging up the field to kill things. Have fun with feath Leadership 12 Space Marines. Each group of fortified positions lst part of a formation or not must be set up so every piece is within 5cm of another piece from the same group, and so all pieces from the same group form a chain without any gaps of more than 5cm.

You may not add a Commissar to an Imperial Ally formation.