Diamond W product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Find great deals for Diamond W 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Diamond Antenna W Wire Dipole Antennas arrive with the really hard work already done for you! All of the wire lugs and connectors are in place and the.

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Diamond W-8010

I used to sell these from my business and usually warned customers about using high power linears with them. I used it for about 6 months sporadicaly with a tuner. Let’s ignore that for now. Final result SWR 3. So far, things are looking good but a faulty balun out of the box should nevertheless not happen imho.

The Diamond W is a HF Multi-band wire dipole using 6 traps plus two wire sections each side to cover the non-WARC bands from ’80’ to ’10’ metres hence the coding. This particular antenna fits xiamond well on my small lot with an overall lenght of just over 63′.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Can I recommend it? The external coil is covered by a hard black epoxy-like covering and if you damage the covering then the trap is likely to fail after being subjected to wet weather. Diamonr the site with comments or questions.

Diamond W 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna | eBay

Diamond’s power rating of 1. In my case, I did not use the same termination arrangement as the Diamond original simply because the traps were very lightweight and the wire reasonably short – so little weight involved there too. Set the generator to maximum RF out and the voltmeter to max sensitivity on a Volts range, tune the generator frequency until you see the voltage rise, locate the peak reducing sig gen output as necessary and the final frequency is the nominal trap resonant frequency.

Gave this antenna a 5 because it works very well for me at a low height of 15 feet I have changed it slightly by separating it into two dipoles by adding another balun and coax feed as I found 10m to be a little deaf but by liberating the 10m and 20m dipole away from the other its way better anyone who has one should try this it makes a big difference and is simple to tune this way all stations I work are surprised by its performance especially on 80m as its so short its crazy!!!


Could I add another wire leg or legs to each side to add these bands? Together with a friend of my, PA2Gwe build this antenna and published the experiment in our league magazine, a summary of this you can find on http: The balance in the dipole also limits the nearby interference, a problem that is strong with G5RV and other assymetric antenna’s. This article has intentionally not been a “hold my hand” style because everyone does things differently.

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. With this thinking I have the folowing question: At each trap, the wire is initially folded back 15 to 16cm – again this acounts for part of the tabulated element length.

Andrey You cannot measure the inductance of the traps because the capacitance built into the construction will cause measurement errors – you can only measure the trap resonance frequency and you know what they will set up for be anyway.

Here’s another hint for success: For those who aren’t familiar with it, the Diamond BU balun is just a 50 ohm 1: I have been looking at one of these shortened dipoles for a long time.

Diamond W8010 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna

I chose it over the similar Comet CWA That gives a reasonable option to expand the turns during the “tuning phase”. The interaction between the elements because of the close coupling means that adjustment of one dipole in the ray causes de-tuning in another – so around the loop you go – yet again!

Want it or not it has some directionality and so it i sbetter in som edirections, although it has a wide angle coverage. Mouse-over images for a larger view This is the basic layout of the W, 3 traps on either side of a balun supplied. Self-amalgamating rubber tape would be even better – the stuff you should use on all of your exterior coaxial connection joints instead of plain old insulation tape – as it won’t ever come apart, even when exposed to some pretty dianond weather.


One important aspect is the tuning in the 80m band. Verticals; Wire; Loop Diamond W Just make sure that you allow a long enough PVC former to provide some “slot length”.

This happens on both ends of each trap so accounts for a considerable length. Andrey, callsign deleted Russia, Belgorod. That would have meant another 3 wires out each side and even though they w80110 need much separation and can be fabricated such that the higher bands ‘droop’ from the lowest band, they are a bit of a problem to tune.

So big power was deformed traps and SWR and resonance points was go far up. Previously I had used a “ray dipole” that covered all bands down to 40 metres i. One of the ideas that they did use in this design as against other manufacturers’ designs seem on the web was the use of tuning “tails”.

I am not going to tabulate the exact trap details here because you will probably have different coax, or a different PVC former, and you can just as easily work out your own using the software, diakond the general format was calculated as follows: Note that it doesn’t really matter if the “30 degrees” is horizontal or vertical – just so long as the legs are separated I don’t really plan to operate much on these WARC bands 12 metres, 17 metres and 30 metres but that old proverbial Murphy has it that if I don’t prepare for it then sometime real soon, I will need to – and then it will be in a hurry.

On 10, 15 and 40 metres, it is an extra wire attached at the relevant trap. The leg shown horizontally above covers 3. This is the basic layout dkamond the W, 3 traps on either side of a balun supplied.

No, I am not hearing everything as I would with a towered beam. You use bandstop tuned LCs like the W3DZZ combine with the nice tuning tails lucky the traps haven’t a that high Q so the voltage at resonance is reasonable.