The Swordmage, A True Arcane Half-Caster for 5e – Spellsword. I was just wondering if you would perhaps upload it to DnD Beyond as a. Swordmages were powerful arcane spellcasters who blended martial combat with magic, often but not always elemental in nature. Ancient traditions of. I want to make a character that is similar to a swordmage in 4E. I need longsword prof and some teleport spells. Is there a way to achieve this in.

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Your decision grants you a feature at 3rd level, and again at 9th level, 13th level, and at your 17th level.

Aegis of Shielding Eldritch Pact Hybrid: You learn that you can multi-task dealing damage with your swords as well as casting spells that help support your allies or deal massive damage to multiple foes.

Swordmage’s Shield Beginning at 15th level, whenever you use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the dnx of your swordmage’s mark, if the attack still results in a hit, you may transfer half of the damage dealt by the attack to yourself rather than the attack’s intended target. As a reaction when an enemy disengages you can still make an opportunity attack if it hits swordmagf reduces there speed by half but deal no damage.

He is a shielding swordmage with TWO uses of his aegis each turn thanks to the latest defender article. Find out what you can do. Hexblade Warlock, and take the teleportation invocation at level 7, which functions similarly to the swordmage’s, except to the people you’ve dns, instead of the people you’ve marked.

Do I need to explain why sticking people in place is a Good Thing? The Swordmage Aegis class feature grants one of three at-will powers, aegis of assaultaegis of ensnarementor aegis of shielding. While designing it, I tried to swordage it similar to the paladin while also being different.

Whenever a creature enters the area or ends their turn on the area, the creature takes an extra 4d4 fire damage and burned dnc 1d4 rounds if they leave the area. You can make a Sword Mage quickly by following these suggestions. Improved Defenses Level Yeah stone sorcerer is rnd the closest thing to what OP is asking, and it is single class which makes it generally more powerful than any multiclass shenanigans.


If it drops to 0, if any imbued sword is within 10 feet of you and is visible, you swordmag all make an attack roll. Being able to flexibly spend them however you like means that swordmages gives a bunch more flexibility than most casters have.

Second, another spell point related bug. You understand how to draw swords from nowhere and create a ringed wall around you from many days of practice and weeks of intense learning.

They use their telekinesis smartly and always look for the most efficient way to end their opponents with their spells and weapons. Truly some valuable fighters indeed. The enemy has to make a Strength saving throw against your spell save DC or else become grappled.

The Plane of Ooze spills out acidic oozes from up above in a 15ft radius area within a 60ft range. All three subclasses have received a set of bonus spells as part of their features.

The Swordmage

Furthermore, while your mark is active, you can spend a bonus action to meditate on your target, discerning it’s distance and direction from you at that given moment. On a failed save, a creature takes 4d8 slashing damage and bleeds for 1 minute taking 1d6 damage each turn. They trust their weapons as their weapons trust them, an important bond with weapons is what they value at all costs. You have accepted that learning this art means a great responsibility is placed upon you as a Sword Mage.

In 5e, we already have Bladesinger and Eldritch Knight as “guy who mixes swords and spells”. It pulses with eldritch energy as you prepare to defend your allies and unleash magical fury against your foes. If you attempt to bond with a third weapon, you must break the bond with one of the other two. Changed the phrasing of Phasing Shot, and it can now work with any kind of ammo not just your Arcane Ammo. Not quite as clean as it could be, but hopefully no one is sitting at 2nd level for very long I always advocate starting new campaigns at 3rd level anyway.


Thursday, 7th August, At 3rd level, you are able to attack personally along with your imbued weapons and get ahead in the fight. You have the ability to imbue two-handed weapons that you have studied. It has the teleporting and interrupt s attacks to protect allies.

One of your imbued swords can exceed the sound barrier as it attacks multiple enemies. The November update removed that restriction, since it put swordmages at a disadvantage compared to other defender classes.

Might just be me, but when I think of an actual Swordmage, I think of a class swordmzge has specific sword magic that doesn’t sswordmage copy spells from the main list. You also gain advantage against monstrosities, beasts and giants. The weapon must be within your reach throughout the ritual, at the conclusion of which you touch the weapon and forge the bond.

Darth Vader, Swordmage|Defenderlock

The chosen spells are designed with the intended playstyle of the subclass in mind; battlemages get spells which help them protect and defend their allies, eldritch archers get a lot of ranger-like spells which give them more options with things like ammunition and quivers, and spellswords get spells which let them move around quickly and more easily, cementing their role as skirmishers.

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