The Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) is an architecture framework for .. DoDAF versions thru used the CADM meta-model, which was defined in IDEF1X (then later in UML) with an XML Schema derived from the. Core architecture data model (CADM) in enterprise architecture is a logical data model of Core architecture data model (CADM) is designed to capture DoDAF architecture information in . DoD Architecture Framework Version Volume 1. The purpose of the DoDAF Decision-Support Overlay is to accomplish that by pragmatically aligning architecture data with the data requirements of the.

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Core architecture data model CADM in enterprise architecture is a logical data model of information used to describe and build architectures. Dodag it is clearly aimed at military systems, DoDAF has broad applicability across the private, public and voluntary sectors around the world, and represents one of a large number of systems architecture frameworks.

These products are organized under four views:. Only a subset of the full DoDAF viewset is usually created for each system development.

These views offer overview and details aimed to specific stakeholders within their domain and in interaction with other domains in which the system will operate. The Capability Models describe capability taxonomy and capability evolution. There are many different approaches for creating an integrated architecture using DoDAF and for determining which products are required.

State transitions in executable operational architectural models provide for descriptions of conditions that control the behavior of process events in responding to inputs and in producing outputs.

We can assess your current system and architectural tools, and help develop a plan for transitioning to DoDAF 2. These views relate to stakeholder requirements for producing an Architectural Description. For the purposes of architecture development, the term integrated means that data required in more than one of the architectural models is commonly defined and understood across those models. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Operational Views.


In simpler terms, oddaf is seen in the connection from items common among architecture products, where items shown in one architecture product such as sites sodaf or systems interfaced or services provided should have the identical number, name, and meaning ddodaf in related architecture product views. Retrieved from ” https: Doadf such cases, an Operational View may have material constraints and requirements that must be addressed.

Node is a complex, logical concept that is represented with more concrete concepts. In some cases, the existing DoDAF products are sufficient for representing the required information.

The three views and their interrelationships — driven by common architecture data elements — provide the basis for deriving measures such as interoperability or performance, and for measuring the impact of the values of these metrics on operational mission and task effectiveness.

Department of Defense Architecture Framework – Wikipedia

However, operations and their relationships may be influenced by new technologies such as collaboration technology, where process improvements are in practice before policy can reflect the new procedures. Each view depicts didaf perspectives of an architecture as described below. Data sets built in accordance with the vocabulary of CADM v1.

The concept of capability, as defined by its Meta-model Data Group allows one to answer questions such as:.

Core architecture data model – Wikipedia

The repository is defined by the common database schema Core Architecture Data Model 2. These views are artifacts for visualizing, understanding, and assimilating the broad scope and 1.


of an architecture description through tabularstructuralbehavioralontologicalpictorialtemporalgraphicalprobabilisticor alternative conceptual means. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

It establishes a basis for semantic i. Ddaf contains well over views at multiple levels, and includes process and technical baseline views to guide the JPSS era.

Operational View

It broadened the applicability of architecture tenets and practices to all Mission Areas rather than just the C4ISR community.

DoD Business Systems Modernization: The developing system must not only meet its internal data needs but also those of the operational framework into which it is set. As one example, the DoDAF v1. Under DODAF 2, which became operational inthe collections of views are now termed ‘viewpoints’ and no longer views.

JeTSI can help your project too. Retrieved from ” https: This Architecture Framework is especially suited to large systems with complex integration and interoperability challenges, and it is apparently unique in its employment of “operational views”. This includes the use of common data element definitions, semantics, and data structure for all architecture description entities or 1.5.

Histograms are examples of generated timing descriptions. All viewpoints synchronize while assembling an integrated data-base managed model.

DoDAF generically describes in the representation of the artifacts to be generated, but allows considerable flexibility regarding the specific formats and modeling techniques. Figure is an example showing the results of a simulation run of human resource capacity.