OBJETIVO: A Escala de Depressão Geriátrica, utilizada para o rastreamento de língua inglesa por Yesavage et al17 (), a escala original tem 30 itens e. Aplicou-se o Mini-Exame do Estado Mental (MEEM) e a escala de depressão . ( ); GDS, versão abreviada com 15 perguntas (Yesavage et al., ) e. (Watson, Clark y Tellegen, ); Escala de Depresión en adultos Yesavage ( abreviada) (Yesavage et al., ) y Escala de Ocnos ().

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Validation of geriatric depression scale in a general outpatient clinic

Later this scale was used as a yeavage tool, with proven usefulness. Effect of education on the mini-mental state examination as a screening test for dementia.

Department of Mental Health 5. Rev Esp Geriatr Gerontol ; On the other hand, patients who suffer from mental disorders have difficulty dealing with local stressors such as confinement and isolation 4.

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Recent evidence and development of a shorter version. It is recommended to use a cut point of 5 or above to consider the existence of a depression.

This kind of studies is relevant since it allows for a rapid assessment on the issue of depression among imprisoned population and it offers a series of tools useful in decision making to avoid fearful results. Esse dado pode ser justificado pelo estudo de Ramos et al.

Serious mental disorder in prisoners: Table 2 shows how the greatest percentage of depression was found among participants aged Tendo como base o estudo do Rio de Janeiro Veras et al. Assim sendo, verificou-se no presente estudo que tanto a escolaridade quanto a renda influenciaram o desempenho no teste, ou seja, quanto maior a escolaridade e a renda, melhor o desempenho do MEEM.


Psychopharmacol Bull ; There were significant prevalence rates of both depression and cognitive disorders among elderly people beginning a physical exercise program. Med Care ; Short versions of the geriatric depression scale: Aten Primaria ; Cwikel J, Ritchie K.

Rev Gerontol ; 5: Males over 18 who after attending a lecture on depression voluntarily agreed to fulfill the self-rating scale and to take part in the study. In Colombia, mental health has been traditionally relegated and only now has its impact in society been acknowledged.

Estudio comparativo de salud mental en estudiantes de medicina de dos universidades estatales peruanas. Trastornos mentales y del comportamiento. How to cite this article.

A coleta dos dados foi realizada em duas etapas. Our result is also higher than that concluded by the National study on Mental Health, which reports a prevalence of major depressive disorder in Nevertheless the scale has a series of limitations which must be taken into account such as including a strong somatic component with eight items, which entails screening difficulties in people with physical pathology, a consideration highlighted by Seitz and Franco Factor analysis of the Zung self-rating depression scale in a large ambulatory oncology sample.

Resultados preliminares del estudio nacional de salud mental Colombia De estas cinco preguntas seleccionadas dos de ellas coinciden con alguna de las cuatro que en este estudio han presentado mejores resultados. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry ; Miller HA, Young G.

Am Geriatr Soc ; Depressive symptoms and mortality in older Mexican americans. Isr J Med Sci ;25 3: Para evaluar la fiabilidad del cuestionario se analizaron 3 aspectos: Social inequality and depressive disorders in Bahia, Brazil: Data was processed by SPSS Oxford University Press, Validating the GDS depression screen in the nursing home.


The symptomatology of depression in the elderly.

Finally, another investigator carried out each yesavgae semiestructurated interview, in a blind way, to determine the depression symptoms according to the approaches settled down in the ICE Enfermedad mental esclaa el anciano. A new depresion scale designed to be more sensitive to change. Entre as suas vantagens destacam-se: Screening for depression among the elderly in Israel: In line with this, Singleton, referenced by Shaw and Humber, found that one of every seven inmates also presented psychotic disorder Last, we must consider that the present study has a series of limitations.

That same paper found that Two hundred and forty-nine patients older than 65 years completed the study, with age of A idade considerada foi aquela excala na carteira de identidade, embora alguns idosos referiram ter nascido em data diferente da impressa no documento. This is mainly due to the over year delay in matter of Mental Health policies.

Clinical Gerontologist ; 1 1: There is a lack of studies on the prevalence of depression among people deprived of their freedom in Colombia. Mental health in prisons: