EVR. Digital Record/Playback Announcer. Recording Function. • Microphone, cassette tape or CD player can serve as source of recorded sound. • For most. View and Download Toa EVR operating instructions manual online. DIGITAL ANNOUNCER. EVR Music Equipment pdf manual download. Model: EVR CE * Brand: TOA * Category: Accessories The EVR Digital Announcing Machine features a maintenance-free design, and permits both.

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TOA (EV-350R Digital Announcer)

Program Up to Programs Sentence P Recording Sound Quality 6. E mode [Remote recording] [Remote erasure] [Remote playback] [Remote stop] 8. Playback Key Used for playback operation.

Moreover the Playback method and Output channel are set as shown below. Up to programs can be created by combining recorded sentence segments.

Also, adjust the recording level to the appropriate level with the microphone and auxiliary input volume controls. Page 77 – Setting Operation 8.

This method factory-preset is used for program playback unless other method is especially selected. The initial screen appears on the front- located display screen. Don’t have an account?

Even when the unit is in use for broadcast from the microphone or external equipment or it is playing back a program, the current broadcast is interrupted and the program playback stops, allowing the emergency broadcast to go through. Emergency messages must be pre-recorded. Recording can be done either manually, by pressing the recording key while the unit is in recording standby mode, or automatically when an input signal is detected while 350f recording standby mode.


Page 51 – Setting Functions 9. All control inputs and front-panel keys are disabled Activation Control sv A during erasure.


Two different messages can be simultaneously output to two different locations. Attaching Rubber Feet When installing the unit on the desk, attach the supplied rubber feet to the unit’s bottom surface. Operating the unit with a damaged power supply cord may cause a fire or electric shock.

Output 1 Sends out the 350e playback signal, or signals Erasure control input from the microphone input or auxiliary input. Entering Characters The sentence title, program title, card name, and password can be input using up to eight alphanumeric characters. Page 25 Sentence title input See p. Terminal block [Upper row] Error detection output terminal To timer or switching device To switching device To amplifier Outputs dv and 2 of the terminal block provide the same signal as the phone jack 530r 1 and 2.

Page 69 Pressing the [STOP] key while the menu screen is displayed returns the display to the initial screen. Before Operating The Unit 2.

If such an unusable card is installed, the screen will tell you to the effect that the card cannot be used. Screen Display During Playback 7.

TOA (EVR Digital Announcer) | Avesco

Connect to the AC power supply. Press the Stop key to return to Step 5. Recording, playback, erasure, and stop can be remotely controlled by external equipment. 3550r 67 – Setting Operation 4. Direct Mode 8 selections and Binary Mode selections selection methods are made available.

D-sub connector eg Control Output Shorting outputs 1, 2, Error: When recorded by a control input; 8 direct mode or binary mode changeable. When the program is played back for the set number of repetitions, the unit stops its operation and the initial screen is displayed.


Emergency Playback external Activation 7. Page 63 Pressing the [STOP] key while the menu screen is displayed returns the display to the initial screen. Silent areas that remain before and after the 350d content after recording can be erased in the range of Usable memory cards 2. Recorded sentences can be combined into complete messages and played back as a program.

Page 65 Pressing the [STOP] key while the menu screen is displayed returns the display to the initial screen. General Description Employing the memory cards as recording media, the unit is a programmable, maintenance-free digital announcer that permits both recording and playback. One sentence is created 30r recording. Single-source playback mode and dual-source playback mode The unit comes with two outputs, 1 and 2, which can be 35r0 for individual programs. Recording method There are two different methods to start recording: No-voltage make contact over 50 mSopen voltage; 30 V DC, short circuit current; 10 mA, screw terminal, distance between barriers: Attach over a round hole.

Press the Playback key. Page 75 Pressing the [STOP] key while the menu screen is displayed 350f the display to the initial screen.