An old friend of mine gave me his Radio and reviser to fix them for him(Futaba T6EXAP Radio and Futaba RF RECEIVER), they the issue. RC Radios, Transmitters, Receivers, Servos, gyros – Futaba RF Receiver range – Does anyone know the range of a Futaba RF Receiver. Channel: 6ch FM Receiving Range: m. Package Included % Brand New and Full Packing 1 x Futaba RF FM 40MHz 6ch RC Model Receiver RE

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If a plug it, it may be labeled with a Channel Number and Frequency, which will tell you what similar frequency crystal is required for the Tx.

Transmitters may use crystals on the final operating frequency, but more often at half, or some sub-multiple frequency that is multiplied to arrive at the final frequency. DC conversion technology is only applies to RXs.

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Last edited by EloyM; Dec 03, at If the Tx and Rx worked together previously then it is probably a 35 Mhz system. I would try out all the suggestions listed above, those are good starts. It is called frequency multiplying, different from frequency conversion used in Rxs.


Futaba RF Receiver range – RCU Forums

In this case, looking at the photo, it appears there is a commonly used two-pin crystal holder installed at very top of the board. Dec 02, Dec 04, If both units are working properly, powered properly, and the correct crystals are installed in both, the receiver will react to the transmitter’s commands.

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These days the size of the device does not determine the sensitivity of the device although it is difficult to get good filtering with small or few components. You may not post new threads. Jun 09, Limited range receivers such as those meant for micro indoor flying can have very little range, like less than M. Also examine the plugs and wiring for corrosion.

RF Futaba 6-Channel FM 40MHz

Receivers for a Futaba Radio. It may also be a bump on the Rx case to cover a soldered in crystals higher than the other components. futab

I believe that radio was made to be very versatile so possibly that could be one of the pre You say the tx is working- how do you know? As far as the tx crystal is concerned, YES it is definitely missing from the board. Find More Posts by masonman. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


Futaba R136f 36mhz 6-channel FM Receiver With Crystal

I can’t thank you both enough, you were patient and kind to answer me. Would that work with a Futaba radio?

I still have lots of catalogs, manuals and tech date for the pre Get a Tx crystal on the same frequency, fit it and all should be good! Apr 10, Find More Posts by cowana. It also dates it as being pre-DC.

Thanks EloyM, i was really hoping to see a reply yeh, i got in this hobby a few years a go, so i know nothing about this radio. The TX’s crystal may in some cases be located close to the battery, but there is no technical reason to do so.