GMAT Data Sufficiency questions may be unique, but they aren’t impossible. Use these 6 tips to master Data Sufficiency on the GMAT!. Tips to Conquer the GMAT Data Sufficiency Section. If you are taking GMAT for the first time, you must know that data sufficiency section is a. With some practice, your mind will be trained to think like a GMAT Data Sufficiency.

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By the gmmat you take the test, you should be handling DS questions faster than Problem Solving items because you don’t have to calculateand the format will be second nature. Solve the simplest statement first. Takes notes efficiently Each statement alone will be sufficient if both of the statements on their own contain all the information necessary to answer the question.

Do you need to know every side length to determine the area? Take Notes Effectively 4. A certain wooded lot contains 56 oak trees. gmatt

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Often, half the information that you need is in the set-up.

Tips for Answering GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions

So if you find yourself doing a lot of pencil work, sufficienncy probably on the wrong track. We have sent an email with verification code to.


When plugging in numbers, try to use easy, whole integers that match the constraints of the question. You only need to know whether the statements are sufficient, not what the value of gmwt is. Now, we can set the equations equal to each other because they both represent the same thing ratio of oak to pine trees.

Login with QS Account. Thankfully, there are many tips to help you through. The code is correct. In this case, we can simplify the question. Value questions ask you to find a numerical suffiviency e.

Since I can solve with the statements together, but not alone, my correct answer is C. Here, we have all of the information available to us: If you know the area, you can find the side length; conversely, if you know the side length, you can find the area. Statements 1 and 2 both contain enough information for us to answer the question, so the correct answer is D.

What else you can do inside qs leap? If you can eliminate either choice A or Bthen you can also eliminate choice D. Don’t calculate except when necessary. A certain group of car dealerships agreed to donate x dollars to a Red Cross chapter for each card sold during a day period. You might be determining the average of a set of numbers for the first statement, and solving for a variable in the second statement.


Right away, I notice that both 6 and 9 are multiples of 3, so the equation can be simplified by dividing each term by 3. When you’re starting out, Data Sufficiency can seem very daunting, but keep practicing. Notify me of new posts by email. The statements will be sufficient together if they contain every piece of necessary information between them. Practice them with Venn diagrams to answer methodically.

Be attentive to such traps. Again, we don’t know. A GMAT data sufficiency question is made up of a question and two statements, labeled 1 and 2.

Advanced GMAT Data Sufficiency Tips (Video)

What was the total amount that was expected to be donated? With some practice, your mind will gmzt trained to think like a DS Wizard. An answer that may or may not be correct is not sufficient. A total of cars were expected to be sold. It may happen that statement 2 is reiterating the same point as mentioned in statement 1 by playing with the words.

Information given in the question.

There isn’t always information given in the question. Territorial Populations IR Explained: