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Find the most up-to-date version of GMW-R – GMW at Engineering GMW GMW GMW Additional References. EIA/JEDEC JESDAB. © Copyright General Motors Corporation All Rights. It is suggested to be at least 10 minutes in both IPC A and GMW For screening purposes (HASS, ESS), also depend on the stress limits being.

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The next step is to determine why the failure s occurred, performing a true root cause analysis on each failure, and deciding what corrective action may be appropriate. Therefore, optimisation of maximum stress to the product is beneficial. Additionally, any sensitivity to the ramp rate of thermal change should be noted for each sample.

The thermocouple should be electrically isolated from the active product circuit with an insulating band of Kaptan tape.

Durability Growth through HALT/HASS and Accelerated Testing – ppt video online download

All data is shared with the Customer. However, because the sample may not be fully operational, it is especially important to return to the “tickle level vibration” between each dwell to determine whether the sample 827 still functional.

This is generally a good approach unless there is significant variability in operating limits between individual samples. The MAO flow meter is 827 instrument used for monitoring or measuring. These meetings shall occur prior to and subsequent to the product HALT.

The customer and contract manufacturer should agree prior to this step as to clear definition of “without incident”. This additional effort of attaching and reattaching the accelerometer is necessary in identifying the worst-direction vibration level.

For screening purposes HASS, ESSalso depend on the stress limits being decided, remaining life of the good population should be taken into account when deciding dwell time Target stress level in this case, Maximum acceleration level Should be determined based on the purpose of defect precipitation. High vibration levels will quickly accelerate the fracture of weak design areas, however, the weakness will frequently not become evident until the gmd is returned to a low vibration levels, allowing the fractured joints to become intermittent.


These devices are typically attached to? The test must exercise the major functions of the product with a feedback measurement of performance of 82877 functions. The first step, HALT, typically results in more robust and quicker to market products.

Locations of product response sensors thermocouples and accelerometers? Performance of the test samples to the Gmd stresses, detail the occurrences of sample degradation and the conditions at which they occurred, including the operating and destruct limits of the sample and any other important comments? Gwm is 35 Grms and the sample standard deviation ggmw 5 Grms. Use of Control Charts and Pareto Charts to form a decision making process for continuous improvement as well as reaction to perceived problems during screening?

The minimum dwell period at each thermal extreme is ten minutes.

This same t-score value will be used for each of the three parameters. Typically start from 5 to 10 G rmsThen step down by fixed decrements to the maximum acceleration level with sufficient swell time at each step. The root cause analysis process must be 82287 documented relative to: The use of finite element analysis in designing the fixture is suggested to manage the stress and displacement characteristics during vibration. Dwell time Should be determined based on the purpose of defect precipitation.

Photographic documentation is preferred.

highly accelerated life test_百度文库

These disciplines include design engineering and test engineering expertise on the product to HALT. Include all calculations used to derive these values in the documentation.

This could be an actual “slave” product, continuously re-screened and never sold, or a thermal mass gnw such that it thermally reacts similar to the product being screened.

The use of the accelerometer on the product is critical in HALT to assess the level of energy that is being conveyed into the product via fixturing method from the table input. Apart from the ability in precipitating defects with the stress, detecting failures with functional tests, relationship between types of failures and discrete stress levels is also addressed in the profile design for proper corrective actions be made for the improvement in design margins.


This step is required following the entire chamber set up procedure, stable constant monitoring process, thermal equalization, calibration of input vibration level, and screen development. Each of the major parameters; upper thermal operating limit, lower thermal operating limit, and vibration limit should be quantified for each of the three samples.

This may be achieved by utilizing available accelerometer monitoring channels of the HALT test system or the use of a spectrum analyser instrument 8278 of measuring sensors e. Typical Defects Precipitated by this Stress.

This data includes thermal, vibration and product functional performance.

Durability Growth through HALT/HASS and Accelerated Testing

Corrective actions may include changes in parts or material sources, product design, and production process changes. Vibration introduces the concept of cumulative fatigue damage, where as temperature is a non-cumulative performance measure.

Example of Vibration Calibration: The nature of the screening process is best suited to the use of attribute control charts such as NP-Charts and P-Charts. This team will also manage the information and data obtained from the screening process and should maintain the Statistical Control Chart “P” Chart and Pareto charts as defined above.

The maximum “high” temperature should be identified prior to test based on the phase change limitations of the materials involved. When the cause is understood, the appropriate corrective action should be pursued.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Corrective Action CA – A change implemented in a design or process to eliminate a product weakness or flaw.

Several decision milestones should be considered because the 20 times concept is somewhat arbitrarily chosen. Develop simplest method for constant monitoring Step 3: