First published in and out of print for the past 40 years (except for a handsome limited edition from Centipede Press), Guy Endore’s “The. The Werewolf of Paris. Guy Endore .. But in the torrid atmosphere of Paris, a nodding acquaintance ripens quickly to intimacy. At any rate among Americans. The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore – book cover, description, publication history.

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It’s Written inthis is framed with a story of an American finding a discarded manuscript about the werewolf, Bertrand Caillet.

Open Preview See a Problem? If you’re listening for sheer entertainment, see if there’s an abridged version 3.

Apr 24, Nickolas rated it liked it. Wolfie neets she wolf, and dumps Sophie so quick. He is invited to a dinner with a menu that turns my stomach to even read. Unbeknownst to Aymar, Endroe suffers in a small cell, drugged when he is visited by his uncle.

Goodreads helps you keep te of books you want to read. Set in France in the late 19th Century, this tries to be for werewolves what Dracula is to vampires, filled with lots of werewolf lore. Parls would like to have that beautiful body for a house, that body of man which is the highest creation ever to have come from God’s sculpturing hands.

Bertrand is presented as a likable young man afflicted with a condition beyond his power to control. I can’t believe I’d never heard of this before. Apr 18, Rick Hautala rated it pqris it.

I liked that there was a sense of mystery throughout, and not until the very last page were certain twists made perfectly clear, which gave it a little punch right at the very end. His adoptive uncle suspect something is amiss with young Bertrand, but keeps the suspicions of the local villagers lulled by locking Bertrand’s room at night and feeding him raw meat, which guuy his lycanthropy quiescent.

All those calloused, dirty hands that wanted to touch her serewolf intimate caresses. I’ve been lucky enough to find a vintage edition here and there over the years. Fortunately for you I restrained myself a bit, but here is one I especially found interesting, told in a certain character’s language: Is it the man that makes the monster or could a monster make a man?


The Werewolf of Paris

I did some research and found this book by Guy Endore, an author fairly contemporary of Bram Stoker at least, and which reportedly does for werewolves what Dracula did for vampires, so I hunted it down and gave it a try. This was the basis for the rather delicious Hammer movie The Curse of the Werewolf. He appeals to the judge, saying he has to work to support his family, to which the judge replies: Intelligent, engaging, haunting and poetic, it is both a historical recreation of Paris after the Franco-Prussian War centered on the siege of Paris with its rationing of food and commodities, and a horror story told in a modern vernacular filled with universal human truths about the monsters of this world, within and without.

Then the two souls war with each other. Filled with choppy writing that is neither creative nor original, plus the endless sentences that seem to drag on, this book was more of a hassle to read than anything else.

I knew virtually zilch about the Commune before going into this book, but feel that I’ve learned quite a bit about it now, and in a fun way, too. Sloppy plotting, and kind of a limp ending,and not the most likeable protagonist as if that’s a requirement!

Aymar Galliez tries to warn people about the bestial behavior of his ward by submitting to a court a written summary of his research and experience. Refresh and try again.

I would have gladly read the author’s sardonic prose offered in the framing story for itself, but enter a werewolf story we must, however tenuously the excuse to do so. Two years after those films were released in”The Werewolf of Paris” emdore Guy Endore was published.

Pxris book relates the tragic tale of Bertrand who inherits the curse of lycanthropy from a corrupted priest in his family tree.

He deserved more money than that certainly, and this book certainly deserves more recognition than it gets. Wwerewolf first he seems like a normal boy but then he starts to have strange dreams and farm animals start to become mysteriously slaughtered. The book does have its moments. Even the Madame of a house of prostitution is concerned, not with the well-being of the prostitute Bertrand mutilated, but with how much money she can extort from his uncle.


The man then only dreams of his wolf-life. I was similarly chilled by Dracula and Frankenstein in both film and ;aris. The book was published in when read within the context of those turbulent times becomes even more fascinating.

The Werewolf of Paris : Guy Endore :

The book also crosses genre lines. There is no beauty, only ugliness. It’s tempting, coming from the generation I do, to relate Endore to Stephenie Meyer and her ilk, but the difference in plot development of Twilight and that of Werewolf of Paris points to a meaningful shift in the cultural climate from then until now, namely that we our current culture want the thrill of danger but we want it soaked in Purell, ultimately nugatory.

The novel takes us next to Paris in the aftermath of the revolutionary year, and introduces the narrator – Aymar Galliez, a rationalist and a militant for social change, forced to deal with unexplained phenomena as a young servant girl in his household is raped by a renegade priest and later gives birth to a wild boy.

The secondary characters are finely drawn and the historical backdrop of the Franco-Prussian War and Paris Commune well-detailed. Nevertheless it happens ocassionally that the soul of a beast gains entrance into a man’s body while he yet lives. Why are cows on the menu pparis not horses and cats? There was something savage inside of him ghe to get out. Indeed, the horror aspect is really only background for the grand-sweep horror story Endore wishes to relate. They would like to have that beuatiful body for a house, that body of man which is the highest creation ever to have come from God’s sculpturing hands.

Definitely give it a read. View all 7 comments.