During the point form sparring in Haidong Gumdo, bamboo or wooden swords are used but no armours are worn by the practitioners. Haidong Gumdo. USA Haidong Gumdo Seminar Second half of year 2 (Prepare federation Sponge(form) Sword); Hosin-Gumdo Part 1 (Self-defense with short sword). Haidong Gumdo is a martial art that originates from an ancient Korean country called These have become the official forms (Gum Bup) of Haidong Gumdo.

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VTA has a school wide curriculum that comprises what would be a full program for 4 different styles: Other historical Korean sword arts include: Among them, the outstanding ones were called Samurang and they were always at the front line of the battle against injustice.

That and the Japanese invasion of Korea in the early part of the 20th century helped to almost obliterate traditional Korean martial arts. This is the seventh form of Haidong Gumdo. These warriors with their knowledge of sword fighting and Do the right way were an enormous help to the great Koguryo Kings.

Become a Master of The Sword! These cuts are done in an effort to develop the Efficient Cut, and you can see six videos below of us doing this to different rates. We are looking forward to seeing you in Korea.

This is the third form of Haidong Gumdo. Way of The Korean Sword! The combative spirit of the Samurang which kept the peace and justice also left behind a valuable spiritual and pride to their descendants.

Haidong Gumdo History

Over separate videos on our entire curriculum of kicks, punches, blocks, forms, one-steps, breaking holds, forms, breaks, sparring, etc up to 4th dan.

The history of the Samurang is very interesting, highly debated, and not well known. These videos were made in an effort to help with our home-training. If this rate seems too slow, use a heavier sword.


Haidong Gumdo

Once 40bpm seems too slow, move up to 45bpm or use a heavier sword. Forms are pre-arranged sequences of movement which teach students the hundreds of ways to defend and attack with the sword in a smooth and fluid motion.

While no one has ever learned martial arts solely over the Internet, we believe that this tool will be invaluable for supplementing class instruction and helping you or your child become the best martial artist possible. Develop the Efficient Cut by practicing cuts approximately 3 times a week with this drum beat. We would like to ask you to forward this information to all students who are interested in participating in the 6th World Haidong Gumdo Championship.

However, as there was no one in Edinburgh to push me, I developed drum beats at different rates to push us when we did our initial straight cuts.

What is Haidong Gumdo? Dear Friend, Have you always wanted to learn how to use the sword? Master Kim To address the shortfalls with Kumdo, Master Kim created Haidong Gumdo to be based on techniques for war and one warrior against many others. To augment our classes we have built a web based system to help gimdo learn. One step attacks allow students to practice blocking and cutting sequences with a partner in a safe and controlled manner.

If you are looking for a challenge that will give you a sense of accomplishment in yourself by knowing that you dedicated yourself to achieving a worthwhile goal like earning your Black Belt in Haidong Gumdo Are you extremely busy and don’t have the time to train at a martial arts school?

According to author Joshua Marino, their way became the foundation for Japanese Samurai after the Chinese invasion of Koguryo. It was developed for fighting multiple opponents on a large scale battle setting and for one-on-one combat with the sword.

Website by Roy Peake.

The success of the Koguryo warriors they led were without precedent in Korean history. Currently, Haidong Gumdo hhaidong one of the world’s fastest growing martial arts with a million practitioners and over 1, training centers in 50 countries.


Haidong Gumdo is a martial art that originates from an ancient Korean country called Koguryo B.

Haidong Gumdo Instructional Videos | Haedong Kumdo | Korean Sword

Kim modernised the art and haidomg his Dojang in Ahn Yang city on July 24, Haiidong 45bpm seems too slow, move up to 50bpm or use a heavier sword. Wolves Martial Arts has been teaching families of the Blue Mountains the martial arts of Taekwondo sinceand Haidong Gumdo since Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo.

Once 60bpm seems too slow, move up to 65bpm or use a heavier sword. You can find the detailed program on the next page. The following are the features of our e-Learning portal.

Vasquez Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo Academy > About Us > e-learning Portal

April 23rd, Attention: Past and present students have learnt valuable life skills they can use in everyday life from learning the martial arts hakdong Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo. From there students will work on forms Gumbup depending on their rank. Haidong Gumdo website such as tournaments, seminars, videos or pictures of events, please email it to haidonghq gmail.

This is the ninth form of Haidong Gumdo. This is the second form of Haidong Gumdo. The basic techniques of Haidong Gumdo include fencing, cutting, thrusting, combat and abdominal breathing exercises and are the foundation that helped Koguryo’s Samurang become Koguryos most powerful warriors in its history. Once 50bpm seems too slow, move up to 55bpm or use gumco heavier sword. Thus, as descendants of Great Koguryo that ruled over the north for years, the founders of Haidong Gumdo hope all who practice it will inherit this will of the ancient Samurang and teach the world the spirit of Koguryo through Haidong Gumdo.