· · · · · · · · · The Hantarex Polo. (25″ model displayed). Resources: Manual: http://arcarc. % I won a golden tee golf machine off ebay for spares or repairs. The fault was no display so i guest.

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EU has in stock. Thanks for everyones help so far. Iv been readin about cap kits ect would this fix it?

Daewoo RSS series C12 uf 25v originally fitted: Samsung GL series C uf 16v originally fitted: Daewoo RU series C 47uf v originally fitted: Looking at the state of your lopt though, the bleed resistor may have been damaged, and in any case, as said above it’s always best to manually discharge the tube just in case! Another spot to check is R It would be safer to state this I think And looking at the condition of that LOPT, you might check it’s driving transistor for hantwrex short as well. If it hasn’t been powering up with hqntarex HV then it’s highly unlikely that there will be any stored in the tube.


You want this to be within V DC; is it too high or too low? The Giant purple centipede of Omnicron 5. Chemicon SME series C uf v originally fitted: Daewoo RS series C 10uf 63v originally fitted: If so, the monitor is perfectly fine, it’s your game board 52 is defective or wiring between the gameboard and monitor.

Blimey, yeah, new one required! Pllo its right is a transistor mounted on the outer heatsink wall; this is the horizontal output transistor HOTpart number BUA. You will have free access now to replace the capacitors and do whatever else you like. Pictured below stolen from another KLOV user is what it looks like. Bad connector, bad transistor or IC in the circuit, disconnected cable between chassis and neck board, bad potentiometer controlling the blue gun, bad socket to the tube, broken pin on the tube, or dead gun in the tube, or broken solder joints on the monitor chassis.

The solder pads will typically break off from the traces. The cage has tabs that stick through holes in the chassis and are rotated to lock the cage on. Chemicon SME series C uf 35v originally fitted: After about 10 minutes is starts to lose vertical hold. C is 22uF 50V. It developed a huge crack where the metal frame border screws the deflection board in.


Its goda be a common thing a colour goin on a monitor?? This process of course assumes that you have a working monitor with functional horizontal deflection. Hantarwx have read that the Surf patrol game is standard resolution but have read that the monitor may be a dual resolution monitor st and medium Rez.

Hantarex Polo 25″ capacitor list/map and recap log – Arcade Otaku – アーケード オタク

All times are GMT The power supply section: Or should I go with something like the p test suite and find settings that look good to me? C is in fact C Flyback replacement old intelligence with Bob Roberts replacement flybacks: Even if you discharge hanatrex, it might build up voltage again after a couple of hours, so it’s a good practice to discharge once more just before you reconnect the anode cap.

The fault was no display so i guest it was the monitor.