Homecoming has ratings and 59 reviews. work and individual meditations and affirmations yet “Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner. Are you outwardly successful but inwardly do you feel like a big kid? Do you aspire to be a loving parent but all too often “lose it” in hurtful ways? Do you crave . Buy a cheap copy of Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing book by John Bradshaw. Are you outwardly successful but inwardly do you feel like a big kid.

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Homecoming : reclaiming and championing your inner child / John Bradshaw – Details – Trove

I was 40 years old and I had raged and screamed until everyone–my wife, my stepchildren, and my son–was terrified. Bradshaw shed light homeocming to connecting with your “inner child”. You’ll learn to gradually, safely, go back to reclaim and nurture that inner child – and literally help yourself grow up again. Plus his arguments are not solid and he contradicts himself a lot.

If someone walked up to me and asked me to define “perfection” I wouldn’t say “It’s the feeling of unified wholeness.

Jacobi tells me he doesn”t know how this happened! I have stopped reading it because I was scribbling all over the pages ad so much red ink to indicate my disagreement, that I thought it best to leave it and try another book on the same subject.

Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child” I’m interested in reading his other books, but meditating and inviting my inner child to recaiming home and live with me is too “out there” for my taste. Biscayne has no sense of where he ends and his wife begins. Because if those are just his opinions, he shouldn’t state it as fact. Biscayne takes his wife”s weight problem personally.

Homecoming: Reclaiming and Healing Your Inner Child

Ophelia Oliphant demands that her husband buy a Mercedes. He believes that his worth depends on her loving him. She hates the whole evening.

I am still reading this book, but needed to make a comment on how timeless this advice really is, especially during this technologically driven time. Plus he makes a lot of comparisons between humans and animals and how animals are not capable of this or that, but is he some kind of expert on the subject or just stating his opinions? For example, everyone in an alcoholic family becomes co-dependent on the alcoholic”s drinking.


To be co-dependent is to be out of touch with one”s feelings, needs, and desires. This book is very near and dear to me as it was the 1st book I read at 18 after giving birth and beginning my journey of healing and self-discovery.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. God, I hated myself! Jun 06, Kris Irvin rated it liked it. I had gone away emotionally before–but I had never gone away physically. When the family environment is filled with violence chemical, emotional, physical, or sexualthe child must focus solely on the outside.

What I liked most about this book is that the author draws from his personal experience, as well as philosophers and psychologists. The phrasing of things were making me feel, not very empowered. When I tried to trace the events that led up to my leaving, I couldn”t figure out anything.

Resistance to the methods offered in the book is only natural, and not everything mentioned in the book applies to the reader. However, a few tears did spring to my eyes while I was reading, so I have to admit it had the desired effect of helping me understand just how deep childhood wounds run.

This child will spontaneously contaminate the person”s adult behavior. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like a deeper understanding of how early development impacts psychological wellbeing. He created and hosted four nationally broadcast PBS television series based on his bes Librarian Note: I could not verbally express anger, honecoming I had championjng taught that to do so was one of the deadly sins, and especially deadly in regard to a parent.

Until we reclaim and champion that child, he will continue to act out and contaminate our adult lives. A must read if you are a parent, a child, parent to be, or human.


Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child – John Bradshaw – Google Books

championinv He asks where she wants to go. I was a little distraught reading the first chapter of this book. So far, so good. Sep 17, Lori rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was also struggling with finding the right answers within myself on a variety of topics.

I had geclaiming looking for help in how to get unstuck in my life. Lists with This Book. Apr 10, Courtney Waller rated it really liked it Shelves: He comes to counseling because he has been in an affair with his year-old secretary for two months.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I greatly enjoyed reading the first half and felt like the author ans my exact situation because of the scarily accurate “diagnosis” he gave. Actually, Jacobi is in a religious “act. He created and hosted four nationally broadcast PBS television series based on his best-selling books. Now I just have to go back and do the exercises!

This guy knows how to shed light on those dark painful areas that we hold inside.

Over time, a person living with the chronic distress of alcoholic behavior loses touch with his rclaiming internal cues–his own feelings, needs, and desires. The theories and ideas presented may be a little intense for people who have no prior knowledge of psychology or psychotherapy. Attempt some of the exercises Bradshaw outlines and see how they work for you.

If someone walked up to me and as Despite its popularity, I didn’t like this book. However, there are enough insightful nuggets in Bradshaw’s work to make the entire read worth the effort Despite its popularity, I didn’t like this book.