Tuesday, 19 May Globalization is not global westernization according to Amartya Sen in his article “How to judge globalism”. There is no time. Amartya Sen. “How to Judge Globalism”. Many critics see globalization as a western curse. But in fact it is not one way (west to east) nor is it necessarily a curse. In the article “How to Judge Globalism,” Amartya Sen provides a history of globalism. She talks how globalization is a two way street where in.

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There is no time like the present, when globalization is getting a bad rap because of the financial crisis, to recall some of his arguments. It was printed four centuries later, in a. The central issue of contention is not globalization itself, nor is it the use of the market as an institution, but the inequity in the overall balance of institutional arrangements–which produces very unequal sharing of the benefits of globalization.

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Ch. 2: How to Judge Globalism

In the nineteenth century, this debate fitted into a broader controversy about Western education versus indigenous Indian education. Globalization has much to offer; but even as we defend it, we must also, without any contradiction, see the legitimacy of many questions that the antiglobalization protesters ask.

Altering Global Arrangements However, can those less-well-off groups get a better deal from globalized economic and social relations without dispensing with the market economy itself?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Global policies have a role here in helping the development of national institutions for example, through defending democracy and supporting schooling and health facilitiesbut there is also a need to re-examine the adequacy of global institutional arrangements themselves. A similar situation arose when turmeric became expensive due to the patent filed on it in U.

The term algebra is derived from the title of his famous book Al-Jabr wa-al-Muqabilah. Another–somewhat less discussed–global “commission” that causes intense misery as well as lasting deprivation relates to the involvement of the world powers in globalized arms trade.


In overcoming that penury, extensive economic interrelations and qmartya technology have been and remain influential. If the central relevance of this question is accepted, then the whole debate turns on determining which side is correct in this empirical dispute.

By continuing to use this smartya, you agree to their use. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Similar incidents happening all across the globe have resulted in anti globalization. Certainly, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution were great achievements–and they occurred mainly in Europe and, later, in America. Theories Globalisms Ideologies about globalization Categories are broad Encompass economic, political, cultural, environmental.

How to Judge Globalism | Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

As the game theorist and mathematician John Nash discussed more than half a century ago in “The Bargaining Problem,” published in Econometrica inwhich was cited, among other writings, by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences when Nash was awarded the Uudge Prize in economicsthe central issue in general is not whether a particular arrangement is better for everyone than no cooperation at all would be, but whether that is a fair division of the benefits.

Rather, the main issue is how to make good use of the remarkable benefits of economic intercourse and technological progress in a way that pays adequate attention to the interests of the deprived and the underdog.

Indeed, al-Khwarizmi is one of many non-Western contributors whose works influenced the European Renaissance and, later, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. But this is by no means uniformly so, even though there are cases in which this has happened. This may require extensive institutional reform, even as globalization is defended. By analogy, to argue that a particularly unequal and sexist family arrangement is unfair, one does not swn to show that women would have done comparatively better had there been no families at all, but only that the sharing of the benefits is seriously unequal in that particular arrangement.

European mathematics, with its use of such concepts as sine, was viewed as a purely “Western” import into India. But that soemthing is not stopping globalization, but improving the sharing of its benefits. Indeed, the active agents of globalization have often been located far from the West.


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Not only is the progress of amatrya science and technology not an exclusively West-led phenomenon, but there were major global developments in which the West was not even involved.

The prosperity and development of the West is due in good part to its openess to amarhya East. Sen on globalization Tuesday, 19 May Nor is it whether they are better off than they would be had they excluded themselves from globalized interactions.

How to Judge Globalism – ArticlesReviewed

Ergo–the argument runs–globalization is not unfair to the poor: This is a field in which a new global initiative is urgently required, going beyond the need–the very important need–to curb terrorism, on which the focus is so heavily concentrated right now.

Are the Poor Getting Poorer? The technology of printing was, of course, entirely an achievement of the Chinese. But the content came from elsewhere. So the globalization of science and technology is as old as the hills, and the West should be grateful for this — as much as the East should be proud!

A similar movement occurred in the Eastern influence on Western mathematics. Health and Human Sciences Economics and Health: Indeed, this is why many of the antiglobalization protesters, who seek a better deal for the underdogs of the world economy, are not–contrary to their own rhetoric and to the views attributed to them by others–really “antiglobalization.

On the other side, the apologists of globalization point to their belief that the poor who participate in trade and exchange are mostly getting richer.

A millennium ago, these items were used extensively in China–and were practically unknown elsewhere. RSS feed of articles by Amartya Sen.