Hailed by ESPN as the world’s most famous female basketball player, Brittney Griner, the dunking phenom and national sensation who is shattering stereotype.. . Brittney Griner, the second-leading career scorer at the top level of and ultimately liberating memoir, “In My Skin: My Life on and Off the. Brittney Griner, 6’8” wunderkind of women’s basketball, shows herself to be one of the latter types of athletes in her memoir, In My.

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The basketball stories are ny minimal–this is skn of a personal sharing. It’s mainly a promotional exercise. Griner’s book is not winning any literary awards, but for the fans of women’s college basketball it’s a must read. As I reached for the ball, I thought about the shot I always took at Baylor, my go-to move: It is her story, told her way.

Lists with This Book. Start reading In My Skin: Her transformation began when she discovered basketball in high school. Griner talks early on about the famous “coming out” SportsCenter video and how that moment wasn’t really supposed to play out the way it did; she really wanted to do it in a more comprehensive, thoughtful way She cites Jason Collins as the person she wanted to grkner rather than an offhanded sound bite and there’s definitely a sense that she saw this book as the chance to brittnet that.

And I had only one defender on me: Griner later found out that what Mulkey actually meant was, “No This is a very quick read, packed with pain and the beginning of growing up and loving yourself for who you are.

She gave us so much enjoyment, every time she played.

Through the highs and lows, Brittney has learned to remain true to herself, rising above the haters who try to take her down. In her heartfelt memoir, she reflects on painful episodes in her life and describes how she came to celebrate what makes her unique—inspiring lessons she now shares. I definitely think it deserved much more than that. Throughout the book when the authors wrote about how BG was feeling at certain times, like when she curled up and cried in the bathroom after losing in the Sweet Sixteen, the descriptive language allowed me to feel what skjn was feeling at that time.

She also develops into one of the best college basketball players of all time, sets overall NCAA records for both men and women, becomes the first out athlete skib land a Nike deal, and oh yeah writes a freaking autobiography with Sue Hovey, formerly of ESPN The Magazineso I don’t really think she buys into the “don’t be too successful” shtick. Mar 07, Jory rated it liked it. Again, I commend Britteny as she didn’t hold back in telling smin story.


To ask other readers questions about In My Skin brittnfy, please sign up. Apr 07, Jaylia rated it liked it.

Review: IN MY SKIN by Brittney Griner

See all reviews. The girl can dunk! I have been a fan of Brittney’s, she is an amazing athlete.

nrittney Sep 26, Brittany L. We all make mu in life and she is open about them which I really admire. I picked it up because I respect Brittney Griner a lot, and having read the book, I respect her even more.

There was an error while adding the following items. In this book, Brittney explains how she overcame bullying and growing up in Texas. The only mention of her Nike endorsement in the book was ONE sentence and it was in parenthesis as if it was a side note.

In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court

Amazing insight into herself for such a young person. Brittney’s close bonds with her mother, Sandra, and her supportive siblings and friends; her amazing accomplishments at Baylor, including the team’s record her last two seasons; her adventurous new life as a pro in the WNBA; and her distinct sense of style, exemplified by the tattoos she proudly wears. Brittney guides you through her mind and soulful feelings like how she took on a one game suspension friner the Grier vs Texas Tech game when she punched Jordan Barncastle, and how she broke up with her girlfriend and never could trust anybody again.

Feeling uncomfortable in her own skin for much of her adolescence, Brittney struggled with anger, the Achilles heel that often got her into trouble, usually with her fists. The book is written in the first person, but many parts, especially those where she dissects complicated relationships and lessons learned, just don’t read like they came out of the pen brittneh someone who eats Skittles for breakfast.

But the sport’s “most transformative figure” Sports Illustrated is equally famous for making headlines off the court, for speaking out on issues of gender, sexuality, body image, and self-esteem.

Though Grineer only spends a sentence on what Kim put her daughter through, Kim herself has on occasion spoken on the issue of how unfairly she treated her own daughter. She does not in brithney way fit what grinner American society defines as beautiful.

After making Griner spend basically her whole after-school adolescence in her bedroom in an extended overprotective paranoid fit, the elder Griner draws up a hair short of disowning his daughter when he discovers her sexuality, even though Brittney had been out to friends and even her mother for years.


In My Skin By Brittney Griner by Brooke James on Prezi

Write a customer review. We plan to do the same this summer. May 10, Nicole rated it liked it.

While she was open to coaches about her sexuality from the outset, she was never told about this policy. I like how the book is about basketball, but there’s barely any exaggerations griiner humor. I was thinking young young young young as I read this, and then I paused and realised that I’d better check how old Griner is. This book could definitely serve as a mentor text to teach writing.

It’s also really good if you’re just a straight-up women’s basketball fan Yes, I know I’m talking to like two people right now grinsr she talks in-depth about a couple of notorious incidents that happened while she was at Baylor, including the infamous loss to Louisville during the Sweet 16 of bfittney NCAA tournament in Filled with all the humor and personality Griner has become known for, In My Skin is more than a glimpse into one of the most original personalities in sports; it’s also a powerful call to readers to be true to themselves, to love who they are on the inside and out.

Totally shocked about her relationship with her father, not surprised about Kim and the Baylor Program.

Our family wishes her only the best life has to offer and by telling HER story, she has possibly opened an avenue of communication with other gay children with their family, friends, educators and other members of society. May 28, Jennifer Hightower rated it it was ok. Hailed by ESPN zkin the world’s most famous female basketball player, Brittney Griner has been shattering stereotypes and breaking boundaries ever since she burst onto the national scene as a dunking high school phenom.

From a more monolithic and, well, male sport, responding to an incident of domestic violence is high time for blustery public relations blabber.

You don’t have to agree with her choices all the time, but you have to admire how she has managed to survive a very difficult life both on and off the court.