Here is my Asylum/Insanity/P90X hybrid schedule!!. I can honestly tell you that I almost follow a P90X hybrid schedule on a weekly If you are an Insanity The Asylum graduate you could take your P90X hybrid up. As fun as a Tai Cheng/INSANITY: THE ASYLUM hybrid sounds, the two If you’ re used to the to minute workouts of P90X, the shorter.

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Thanks for any help! The main thing that I liked about Asylum the most was the muscle building aspect of it.

I usually work about 50 hours a week. Hi Paul, I will send you a copy shortly. I bought these and they worked great. I run days per week and I have tons of workout videos that I do.

This hybrid is set for training for half marathons. The reason being is so that I can clendar the soreness out before I run a 15K on July 4th.

P90X Insanity Hybrid Workout Schedule

If you have this in a hybrid training program using a combination of Insanity, Asylum, and running that would be ideal for me. Marriage is a beautiful thing. You can also decrease the distances in the runs to match a 10K, 5K, etc.


Thx a lot greetz Joni. Anyone who has completed P90X, Insanity, and Asylum should have no problems with this.

Any suggestions or advice on how as a soon to be husband, corporate businessman and an avid athlete to stay thin and muscular. I feel like I am in better shape but I also feel stronger.

Here is my Asylum/Insanity/P90X hybrid schedule!! | Dumbbells and Diapers

I didn’t find it very difficult, I just got really board with that workout. Can you specify what event s you would be interested in? What you need to do is keep all the resistance days in place from P90X and subsitute the cardio days in P90X for Insanity workouts instead.

I would to know if you could send me a template for a m race. Looks like an awesome training schedule.

I thought Asylum was a lot of fun! I could not find what I was looking for until I aasylum across your website. There are many choices but I am going to go over the most popular P90X hybrid schedule. One of my favorite workouts of the whole program was Strength from Vol. Then its just called a Turbo Fire P90X hybrid!

Beachbody Custom Workout Hybrids

Wish me luck man! Progress During Asylum I lost about 6 lbs, an inch or two off my waist and hips, half inch off my neck, but became more lean throughout the whole process.


But other than this workout, there really wasn’t another one that I disliked. If you like Turbo P90d you can substitute that. Hi, please can you send me that excel file?

Use link flairs to distinguish posts No memes! I was wondering if you have schedules available for each training cycle?

My Hybrid Worksheets / Calendars – teamRIPPED

Keep your resistance days in place and substitute your cardio days with an Insanity workout. Hi, could you email me a copy of this schedule in excel format. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. So I recommend that you really focus on your diet. Calenadr those of who have been through these programs and want a plan that goes for longer or shorter distances, let me know.

Events with Goal Times: I do not have plans for each cycle.