IPW adalah satu alat ukuran yang dibina bertujuan untuk mengukur atau mengenal pasti ciri-ciri personaliti berasaskan personaliti warna iaitu. Warna n personaliti. 2, views. Share; Like; Download Inventori Personaliti Warna Sidek. akmalmustafakamal ยท Personaliti. Muhammad. Interpretasi Inventori Personaliti Sidek (IPS) Personaliti sebagai organisasi sistem psikologikal yang dinamik di dalam jiwa individu. Sistem ini akan menentukan ciri-ciri .. INVENTORI PERSONALITI WARNA. APAKAH IPW.

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Can work the system for the good of all involved. Produces results without getting bogged down in bureaucratic red tape. If INFPs can translate their work into a type of human service, it might make something they do not want to do somewhat worthwhile. Good at executive behaviors in a movement or an institution centered around social causes.

Have great ability to empower others. Tends to display parental judgment, even impatience. Would rather put out fires than design fire drills. Your type should be one of the following: Live and let live is the motto, and service is the cornerstone of motivation.

Inspiration rather than control is key to their management style. If the work is not fun, tends to avoid or drop the issue and move on to something different. Quiet, content to work quietly alone. Lives by the bottom line and can be very cost-conscious. Here’s how to create those. Walau bagaimanapun, sudah pastinya ujian ini dapat membantu anda mengenali anda dengan lebih mendalam lagi. Those males with these characteristics sometimes have the problem of being seen as wimpy and seek out jobs in psychology, theology and other people-oriented careers.


When an ENTP is on the job, you never know what to expect next.

Likes neatness and order at work and a setting of quiet congeniality. Milletseorang ahli psikologi. Have right mixture of basic leadership qualities: A type with a real knventori for most things. Not typically found in an executive position in a corporate setting. Prefer to live their daily lives in a structured, scheduled and orderly fashion. More females fit this type than males, but males tend to be promoted.

Love the abstract and need time to be alone and to think and rethink. Fierce commitment, responsibility and deep loyalty. Would rather be doing than planning. Good in big, bureaucratic organizations.

Every moment is up for grabs when they are around. Often misunderstood and underestimated.

Interpretasi Inventori Personaliti Sidek

Free-spirited, nervy and nonconforming. Most often these characteristics are attributed to males. This allows you to identify the four essential attributes of your personality or temperament “type.


All ENTJs are robust, direct and hearty strategists who can see possibilities in almost everything and can act upon these possibilities instantly. Do the same for the “B” answers you have checked.


Needs to serve personal values. A gentle person who cares for and has genuine concern for others.

A “Lone Ranger” type. Scholarly, dependable in the workplace. The perfect think peraonaliti specialist. They do their “homework” on any issue presented to them.

Interpretasi Inventori Personaliti Sidek

Are comfortable with a live-and-let-live credo. Do well in executive roles even though their characteristics of personaliri, enthusiasm and spontaneity are not typical of top corporate managers.

Leadership skills enable this type to play a dramatic role in shaping U. Aware of personalti dynamics in every situation, but have a strong need to lead.