For those who may have come across the book The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, here is a free online book. Welcome to the official companion website for The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, and published by Prometheus Books. In fifteen. The Christian Delusion by John Loftus, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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But verses like those, and there are many others, provoke the reasonable question — in what way is delusino Bible the revealed word of God? Listen to other episodes of Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot here.

Belief is faith-that, and trust is faith-in. While most essays are written from an atheistic point of view, there are a few that present softer claims of agnosticism. One thing I didn’t like was the air of superiority about some of the writing; as though the authors were all standing around behind one author typing and saying “slam dunk, bro” and high fiving each other when one had finished.

You follow his apologetic pattern. It is for this reason that I respect Loftus, for he raises many arguments posed by theists and counters them with his own logic. A Collection of Essays” by Barbara G.

Tom, Half on topic, half off, but it was interesting and so: Instead of being argued into religion, most are encultured into it.

God tells us through revelation what his desires are. The callers on the other johh, not so much. Those who are attacked by this argument would do well to read Dinesh’s book, at least this chapter. The bit from the Nicene Creed about the one holy catholic and apostolic Church is actually universal for Christians. This is the classic problem deluion evil reformulated to deal with animal suffering.

The overall agreement is chrsitian impressive. I agree with you, but the historical fact is that no other world view, not humanism, atheism, or any other ism besides Christianity finally did lead to abolition. Aside from searching for simple explanations, people are determined to defend their beliefs from attack. We might only differ in tone or choice of presentation. Most non-Theists I have interacted with fall prey to the self-defeating notion of Christianity being a close-minded religion.


Paperback joh, pages. Go take a look if you want, the archives go back a few years and the show has been broadcast reguarly since A man who looked to institute a state religion and was endorsed by the Russian Orthodox Church. We have documented miracles, healings, and visions.

Didactic teaching, as opposed to communicating through stories, poetry, and other methods, robs them of their power. Worth reading if you’ve ever come away from the Bible, a sermon or a lecture with more questions than answers.

The latest and greatest from some wonderful critical thinkers of the 21st century! Is the Outsider Test a criticism of the truth of Christianity, or is it just an encouragement for all of us to be more critical of our beliefs? It was bound to fail. By the end I was laughing out loud. It has some specific, unique ideas that translated into the real world better delusioh any other world view. Section two takes us into the beginning of critical examination of the bible.

How John Loftus’s The Christian Delusion Fails: Part One – Thinking Christian

I seems that there are all kinds of ways a Christian could go about conceiving the relationship between God and the Bible that avoid this problem. I think that this is a noncontroversial, descriptive point about how people in general reason about things.

What I am doing is looking at what we see in the Bible and the history of the church and asking if this lofftus something I would expect given your depictions of God and his chosen mode of revelation. Luke, you mentioned a lot of possible theologies that Christians use to explain though not defend why God allowed animal suffering, but you made it sound like all were of equal standing, when really, I think only one is considered the most accepted.


All of which are definitely valid, it’s just a shame they aren’t better scripted and more concise.

The origin of Scripture is divine. This is the entire point of the Restoration of the gospel: I found many many places for agreement and only relatively few that could be considered beside the point. Go and see the Articles of Faith: I’ve already spoke of the joy I had in reading part 5 above point 4 above.

This involves reviewing some of the numerous errors, contradictions, poor apologetics, and various reinterpretations of scripture to decisively demonstrate that no honest person could possibly hold to the inerrancy doctrine.

The Christian Delusion : Why Faith Fails

I think my point stands. A well-written and well-selected series of papers criticising christian theism and basic christian beliefs with an emphasis on conservative Velusion.

My guess is that Christians who charge you of being a moral relativist think that you have no absolute moral facts which make other moral facts true apart from context.

The atheists of today are different from those of a generation ago. The chapter thoroughly debunks any idea that morality originated with, or is dependent upon, Christianity, and further goes to show the evolutionary basis for morality and its exhibition in numerous other species as premoral social evolution. I did love this chapter. I loved those clips and found both hosts to be humble. A series of interesting essays by fantastic authors that support the main thesis of the book, that Christianity is a false belief.

Chapters could have stood alone and made The Christian Delusion a very worthwhile read. Nov 08, Seth rated it it was amazing. The Three Domain Hypothesis. But I get this vague suspicion that something like the genetic fallacy is going on when it appears that Christianity is being criticized for being culturally propagated.