*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In The Breakdown of Nations Leopold Kohr shows that, throughout history, people living in small states are happier. 9 Results Leopold Kohr. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. The first time I ever came across the name of Leopold Kohr was in a footnote of an obscure little academic volume called Size and Democracy, where he was.

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Barbara rated it liked it May 05, The first and, indeed, the founding function of society seems to be strictly convivial. States must therefore leoopold kept small, so those voices can be heard — and, in particular, so that aggressive impulses can be contained.

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. His theories have challenged the powerful role of centralised structures in favour of a control system of small communities solving local problems with their own material and intellectual resources. A select group of readers might connect him with E.

In the absence of one or more of these qualifying conditions – if a society is for example highly decentralized in which case the figure would apply to its subordinate unitsor if integration, as in the great powers of the past, remains kohd tenuous and movements amongst its citizens consequently slow – the size of its populations can be much larger and konr not violate the demands of optimum.

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Not to mention man-made climate change; if it is happening, it just illustrates the idea that systems in this case, industrial civilization which burns fossil fuels for energy cannot grow indefinitely without eventually disrupting surrounding systems and forcing them to reconfigure, very likely to our detriment.


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Goodreads helps you keep lsopold of books you want to read. Instead of serving the summum bonum of its members, it serves from now on the summum bonum of itself. Three factors – technological progress, education, organization – may however permit social growth beyond this figure to perhaps 15, without affecting optimal conditions.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Mar 17, Lauri rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thus while a society begins to fulfil its expected political function at a membership of around 10, it will still give optimum service atand more. The manuscript — a treatise devoid of the charts, graphs, and equations that filled books and technical journals of mainstream social science — probably bewildered academic acquisitions editors.

If one is interested in a defense of federalism, the federalist papers are a better choice. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. For only when a sufficient number of individuals can be spared from participation in the chores of basic economic production, does it become possible to appoint from amongst them the judges, policemen, and soldiers necessary for the fulfilment of the political function of society whose assumption, incidentally, implies the transformation of a stateless society into a state.

InKohr became a freelance correspondent during the Spanish Civil Warwhere he was impressed by the limited, self-contained governments of the separatist states of Catalonia and Aragonas well as the small Spanish anarchist city-states of Alcoy and Caspe.

Rediscovering An Ancient Alternative to the Liberal Tradition Thomas Fleming Fleming editor of Chronicles, A Magazine of American Culture explains how the morality embedded in the ideology of liberalism leads to the decadence of morality in contemporary American society.


One larger than a castle becomes a community. Breakdown explains, more than any other single work available, why the U.

Leopold Kohr – The Right Livelihood Award

Thank you for your support! Did you know that our East wing burned down last night? This perception was right. The flag was designed and made for the army after the first battle of Manassas as a military necessity and wholly without the authority or even the knowledge of the Confederate government.

This is what happens when too many organizations not only grow too large but are networked together into a still-larger and more expansive system yet: If that happened, the EU would unravel rapidly.

Many of their activities are utterly irrational e. They have an optimal growth potential and kohe. Andrew rated it really liked it Jan 27, For its rising complexities would soon have grown to such proportions that proper administration could have been achieved only at the price of sacrificing the cultural and economic optimum.

With technological progress, however, tools came for the first time into the possession of the political administrator enabling him to extend his sway as economically over societies of, let us say, two or three million members as over pre-technological societies numbering two or three hundred thousand. For the concept of the political society implies sovereignty.

The size of society, as the size of everything, is determined by its function, and its function depends on whether we give it an individualistic or collectivist content.

The problems he names would exist even in some small states such as singapore.